Indru Nee Nalai Naan

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Indru Nee Nalai Naan
Poster of Indru Nee Nalai Naan.jpg
Directed byMajor Sundarrajan
Produced byPala. Karuppiah
S. Sampath
Story byC. A. Balan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
CinematographyT. S. Vinayagam
Edited byB. Kandhasamy
Geetha Kamalam Movies
Release date
29 July 1983

Indru Nee Nalai Naan is a 1983 Tamil Indian feature film, directed by Major Sundarrajan. It stars Sivakumar and Lakshmi in the lead roles.[1] Based on a novel Thookku Mara Nizhalil by C.A.Balan.


Plot summary[edit]

Jaishankar marries Lakshmi, who prefers his brother Sivakumar. Lakshmi and Sulakshana are childhood friends like sisters. Then Sivakumar marries Sulakshana and has a child. Suddenly Jaishankar dies before she gets to be with him intimately. She becomes a widow and raises Sivakumar's child. Now Lakshmi feels differently about Sivakumar and when Sulakshana is gone, to have the 2nd child, she asks Sivakumar to marry her. They both are on the way to get married, while they both change their minds. She goes back to being a widow and Sivakumar goes to see his wife and child. When Sulakshana finds out, she tries to kill Lakshmi. Sivakumar tries to stop it, but Sulakshana gets upset that he defends Lakshmi and she runs and falls into a well, hence committing suicide. Sivakumar goes to jail, stating he killed Sulakshana as he feels guilty. He gets the death penalty. Lakshmi comes to see Sivakumar in the jail and he tells Lakshmi to get married to someone else, but she refuses and commits suicide in front of Sivakumar.



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