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The Indus GT is a floppy disk drive that was made by Indus Systems of California, USA during the early 1980s for Apple II series and Atari home computer and later for the Commodore platforms of the day. [1] It came in a black casing with a smoke plexiglas cover over the drive mechanism. Behind the cover is an 8-segment LED track and sector display.[2] It was considered as a high-quality unit, regarded by many as the best floppy drive available for 8-bit Ataris. [3] It was advertised as being over 400% as fast as the Commodore 1541 (which is a false claim, as it is no faster)[citation needed] and has an internal "ROM drive" with DOS utility software, [4] but suffers, as do many third-party Commodore-1541-imitation drives, from being less than 100% 1541-compatible. [5]

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