Industrial Gothic

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Industrial Gothic
Cover of the first issue
Publication information
Publisher Vertigo
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date December 1995 - April 1996
No. of issues 5
Creative team
Created by Ted McKeever
Written by Ted McKeever
Artist(s) Ted McKeever
Letterer(s) John Workman
Colorist(s) Ted McKeever
Editor(s) Axel Alonso
Lou Stathis

Industrial Gothic is a five-issue comic book limited series written and illustrated by Ted McKeever. It was published in 1995 by Vertigo, edited by Lou Stathis.


Pencil and Nickel are two inmates of a prison in a dystopian society in which ugliness is a crime. Pencil was born in the prison; Nickel is incarcerated there because she has no arms or legs. They decide to escape, in order to find a semi-mythical place called The Aluminium Tower, in which everyone is accepted no matter what they look like.