Industrial Technology Research Institute

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Industrial Technology Research Institute
TypeNot-for-profit research institute
IndustryResearch and development
Founded5 July 1973
HeadquartersZhudong, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Key people
Lee Chih-kung (Chairperson)
Edwin Liu (President)
Number of employees

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI; Chinese: 工業技術硏究院; pinyin: Gōngyè Jìshù Yánjiù Yuàn) is a technology research and development institution in Taiwan.[1]

Founded in 1973, ITRI has contributed to moving Taiwan's industries from labor-intensive to innovation-driven. ITRI is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, with branch offices in the U.S., Europe,[2] and Japan. ITRI's open lab and incubator have fostered emerging industries and startups including UMC and TSMC.

In 1982, the new Materials Research Laboratories (MRL) was established under ITRI and Otto C.C. Lin was appointed as its Founding Director.

Recently, ITRI launched the 2030 Technology Strategy & Roadmap, which focuses on Intelligentization Enabling Technologies in the Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment spaces.


ITRI Headquarters main plaza
ITRI Headquarters
ITRI Headquarters from above
Secondary Hsinchu campus
Central Taiwan Innovation Campus

Since its founding in 1973 ITRI has been a significant driver of Taiwan's economy, especially its tech industry.[3]

In 2002, ITRI partnered with Apex Medical and started the development of respiratory therapy product series. This was one of Apex Medical's first major collaboration.

In 2019 ITRI banned all smartphones and computers made by China's Huawei from their internal network for security reasons.[4][5] China's Taiwan Affairs Office reacted negatively to the decision with their spokesperson saying that the decision “jeopardizes the mainland and Taiwan’s regular economic cooperation for political purposes."[6]

Innovations and applications[edit]

ITRI Intelligent Seawater Desalination System
ITRI-CPCCT Li-Ion batteries

Self driving cars[edit]

As of 2019 self driving cars designed by ITRI had accumulated more than 2,000 km of testing in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.[7]


StarFab is a tech accelerator founded by ITRI focusing on innovation in the fields of smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart finance and smart agriculture.[8] It is headquartered in Taipei with an office in the Tainan Science Park.[9]

R&D Focus[edit]

  • Smart Living involves efforts to integrate technologies in information and communication technologies (ICT), cloud services, big data, etc., to develop smart services, logistics, and next-generation handheld devices.
  • Quality Health focuses on the development of innovative therapeutic biologics, composite medical materials and instruments along with healthcare assistance technologies.
  • Sustainable Environment centers on green energy, smart transportation, biomass, advanced green manufacturing, and disaster relief technologies.
  • Intelligentization Enabling Technology includes AI, semiconductor, communications, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies to support technology breakthrough, and ensure data privacy and information safety.


Name Tenure
Chih-Kung Lee 2017.10.05 to present
Tsung-Tsong Wu 2016.07.22 to 2017.10.04
Ching-Yen Tsay 2010.02.22 to 2016.07.21
Jin-Fu Chang 2008.10.01 to 2010.02.21
Chin-Tay Shih 2008.06.16 to 2008.09.30
Hsin-I Lin 2004.10.01 to 2008.06.15
Cheng-I Weng 2001.03.05 to 2004.09.30
Hsin-I Lin 2000.08.22 to 2001.03.04
Zhen Sun 1995.01.20 to 2000.08.21
Ta-Hai Lee 1994.03.02 to 1995.11.14
Morris Chang 1988.12.09 to 1994.03.01
Shien-Siu Shu 1978.07.01 to 1988.12.08
Chao-Chen Wang 1973.07.01 to 1978.06.30
Name Tenure
Edwin Liu 2018.04.16 to present
Pei-Zen Chang (Interim) 2018.02.15 to 2018.04.15
Jonq-Min Liu 2015.01.26 to 2018.02.14
Jyuo-Min Shyu 2010.04.16 to 2015.01.25
Johnsee Lee 2003.08.28 to 2010.04.15
Chin-Tay Shih 1994.04.19 to 2003.08.27
Otto C.C. Lin 1988.12.09 to 1994.04.18
Morris Chang 1985.08.20 to 1988.12.08
Hien-Chee Fang 1978.08.01 to 1985.08.19
Chao-Chen Wang 1973.07.01 to 1978.07.31


  • 2023 - Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator
  • 2023 - CES Innovation Awards for AI Aquarium
  • 2022 - R&D 100 Awards for High Resolution Full-Color Micro LED Display for AR Glasses, Point-of-Care AI-DR, and GreenTape™ 9KC LTCC and Ag Metallization for mmWave 5G Wireless Devices
  • 2022 - Edison Awards for BioMS-Ti and Portable Edge AI-DR
  • 2022 - Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator
  • 2022 - CES Innovation Awards for RGB-D AI Robot, iPetWeaR, and All-in-One Thermal Sensing System
  • 2021 - Communication Excellence Awards: Best Technology Gold Winner
  • 2021 - Communication Excellence Awards: Marketing Campaign of the Year Silver Winner
  • 2021 - Public Relations & Marketing Excellence Awards: External Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • 2021 - NYX Marcom Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign Grand Winner
  • 2021 - NYX Marcom Awards: Marketing Material Gold Winner
  • 2021 - R&D 100 Awards for Software-defined Augmented Robot Joint (SARJ), 3D Printing Biomimetic Materials and Structures for Tissue Integration (BioMS-Ti), and Ubiquitous Water Wand (UWAW)
  • 2021 - HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia
  • 2021 - Edison Awards for AI-Based High Density Shuttle Rack Service System and MetabColor
  • 2021 - Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator
  • 2021 - CES Innovation Awards for iDarlingWeaR
  • 2020 - R&D 100 Awards for Dye-sensitized cell (DSC) as Energy source of Sensors, Networked Amide Epoxy Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries (NAEPE), and A Smart-Care Solution for Chronic Wound, iSCare
  • 2020 - Judges' Choice of the SCF Awards
  • 2020 - Edison Awards for iKNOBEADS and Celluad
  • 2020 - Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator
  • 2020 - CES Innovation Awards for PECOLA (Personal Companion Robot for Older People Living Alone) and iStimUweaR
  • 2019 - R&D 100 Awards for Reconfigurable and Regulatable Battery Array System (RAIBA), Bionic Knobby Magnetic Beads Manufacturing Technology (iKNOBEADS)
  • 2019 - Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator
  • 2019 - Edison Awards for iRoadSafe[10]
  • 2019 - CES Innovation Awards for Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration
  • 2018 - R&D 100 Awards for Automatic Police UAV Patrol System, Functional Dyeing Synchronized with CO2 Supercritical Technology, and Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System
  • 2018 - Edison Awards for Fluid-Driven Emergency Rescuer (FDER)[11]
  • 2018 - CES Innovation Awards for Intelligent Vision System (IVS) for Companion Robots and Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector
  • 2018 - Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator[12]
  • 2017 - R&D 100 Awards for CoolSo, ChemSEI-Linker, The LCD Waste Recycling System, CINmat, BESTAI, CyperEpi, Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform (PT-ESL), and Prognostic and Health Management Software in Semiconductors (PHM)
  • 2017 - R&D 100 Special Recognition Award in Green Tech for The LCD Waste Recycling System
  • 2017 - Edison Awards for Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum Battery (URABat)
  • 2016 - R&D 100 Awards for iSmartweaR, Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head-up Display (HUD) technology, Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot (2WA-EXO), Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum Battery (URABat) and SpeedPro
  • 2016 - ITRI wins Grand Prize and Design Recognition Award at Taiwan OpenStack Hackathon for a wearable sensor device that measures muscle signals of violinists
  • 2015 - R&D 100 Awards for Plasmon-Coupled Organic Light-Emitting Diode (PCOLED), Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting, Higher Sensitivity Tactile-Film System for Wearable Orthosis (HSTS) and PolyE Membrane Technology
  • 2015 - Frost & Sullivan Best Practices New Product Innovation Award for In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer (ICTA)
  • 2015 - Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators
  • 2014 - R&D 100 Awards for In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer (ICTA) and High Efficiency Calcium Looping Technology (HECLOT)
  • 2013 - R&D 100 Awards for iAT Technology, FluxMerge, and ButyFix
  • 2012 - The Wall Street Journal's 2012 Technology Innovation Awards for SideLighter and aePLASMA
  • 2012 - R&D 100 Awards for Lignoxy, TEMM, SideLighter, aePLASMA, Light&Light, and AVA-Clamp
  • 2012 - Aviation Week's A&D SIC Award for REDDEX
  • 2011 - The Wall Street Journal's 2011 Technology Innovation Awards for i2R e-Paper and Spray-IT
  • 2011 - ITRI as Excellent Organization, Solar Industry Awards, UK for Solar Radome
  • 2011 - R&D 100 Awards for i2R e-Paper and HyTAC
  • 2011 - Silver Award, The Society for Information Display (SID) Display of the Year Awards (DYA) for ITRI Flexible Substrate for Displays
  • 2010 - Overall Gold, The Wall Street Journal's 2010 Technology Innovation Awards for FlexUPD, Runner-up for MDPS
  • 2010 - R&D 100 Awards for FlexUPD, i2/3DW and REDDEX
  • 2009 - R&D 100 Awards for STOBA
  • 2009 - The Wall Street Journal's 2009 Technology Innovation Awards for FleXpeaker
  • 2009 - iF Design Award for Fluid Driven Lighting System
  • 2009 - Red Dot Design Award for Flexio Radio
  • 2008 - R&D 100 Awards for On-Chip AC LED

See Honors for more information.

ITRI Laureates[edit]

In order to recognize outstanding individuals for their contributions to technological advancement, industrial development, and the betterment of humankind, ITRI inaugurated the honorary ITRI Laureates.

2012 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Morris Chang Chairman of TSMC
Stan Shih Chairman of iD SoftCapital Group
Ding-Hua Hu Chairman of Chien-Pang Venture Capital Corp.
Bruce Cheng Chairman of Delta Electronics Founder and Honorary
Jonney Shih Chairman of ASUSTeK Computer
Suhon Lin Chairman of Chang Chun Group
Tsai Ming-kai Chairman & CEO of MediaTek
Biing-Jye Lee Chairman of Epistar
2013 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Barry Lam Chairman of Quanta Computer
Chih-Yuan Lu President of Macronix
Robert Chen Chairman & CEO of Gloria Material Technology Corp.
Burn J. Lin Vice President of Research & Development in TSMC
2014 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Shien-Chang Chen Vice Chairman of Chang Chun Group
Simon M. Sze NCTU Honorary Chair Professor
Hwa-Nien Yu Chairman of ITRI Advanced Research Advisory Committee Honorary
Eric G. Lean Academia Sinica Academician
Lewis Terman Former IEEE President and IBM Emeritus Researcher
2015 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Ching-Chu Chang Former Chairman of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS)
Shang-Yi Chiang Board Advisor of TSMC
Jack Y. Jau Chairman and Founder of Hermes Microvision, Inc.
Cheng-Hai Hung CEO of ECLAT Textile Corporation Ltd.
2016 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Raymond Soong Chairman of Lite-On Group
Chenming Hu TSMC Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
Archie Hwang Chairman and CEO of Hermes-Epitek
Houng Sun Chairman and President of Mirle Automation Corporation
Fei-Liang Tsai Vice Chairman and CSO of Elite Material Co., Ltd.
2017 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Chintay Shih Professor of College of Technology Management & Morris Chang Chair Professor, National Tsing Hua University
Yingzhi Gao Founder of Eternal Materials Co., Ltd.
Ming-Kuang Lu Chairman and CEO of Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. and Actron Technology Corp.
2018 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Kang Lung Wang Distinguished Professor and Raytheon Chair in the Electrical and Computer Engineering development department at UCLA
Jimmy Chu Founder and Chairman of FFG
Matthew Miau Chairman of MiTAC-SYNNEX Group
Yue-Teh Jang Chairman and CEO of Medeon Biodesign
2019 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Patrick Y. Yang Chairman of AbGenomics
Nelson Chang CEO of Taiwan Cement
Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao Chairman of Winbond Electronics
Chen-Tung Yang Founder and President of Allis Electric Group
Jason Lin Chairman of Formosa Plastics
2020 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Mark Liu Chairman of TSMC
C.C. Wei CEO of TSMC
Chi-Huey Wong Chair Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Scripps Research Institute
Hsiang-Tsung Kung President of Taiwan AI Academy
Yuan-Teh Lee Former superintendent of NTUH and emeritus professor of NTU
Simon Lin Chairman and CSO of Wistron Corp.
Evans S.W. Tu President and CEO of Synnex Technology International Corp.
2021 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Miin Wu Chairman and CEO of Macronix International
Rick Tsai Vice Chairman and CEO of MediaTek
Cheng Wu Chair of ITRI Advanced Research Advisory Committee
Pan-Chyr Yang Professor of Internal Medicine at National Taiwan University College of Medicine
Grace Yeh Chairman and CEO of Onward Therapeutics
2022 ITRI Laureates
Name Position at Present Year
Paul Por-yuan Wang Sercomm Corporation Honorary Chairman
T. F. Shiao Eternal Materials Director and Senior Consultant
Yancey Hai Delta Electronics Chairman
Bowei Lee LCY Group Chairman
Samuel Yin Ruentex Group President


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