Industry (Dom & Roland album)

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Industry (Dom & Roland album).jpg
Studio album by Dom and Roland
Released 1998
Genre Electronic
Label Moving Shadow
Dom and Roland chronology
Back for the Future
(2002)Back for the Future2002

Industry is the first solo album by British drum and bass producer Dom & Roland. The album is released under the Moving Shadow label as a 12 track CD (ASHADOW 16CD) and 4 plate Vinyl LP (ASHADOW 16LP). It is considered a very influential and important album that was responsible for the development of the tech-step sound in the late 1990s. Optical was featured as a co-producer on two tracks.

CD version Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Dom and Roland

1 Thunder (6:02)
2 Remote View (6:24)
3 Connected (7:29)
4 Time (7:01)
5 Spirit Train (6:23)
6 Elektra (7:32)
7 Time Frame (6:39)
8 City (6:30)
9 Chained On Two Sides (6:16)
10 Anaesthetic (6:12)
11 Industry (4:57)
12 Kinetic (5:49)

LP version Track listing[edit]

A Thunder (6:01)
B Connected (7:29)
C Spirit Train (6:22)
D Elektra (7:32)
E City (6:30)
F Chained On Two Sides (6:16)
G1 Time Frame (6:39)
G2 Industry (4:57)
H1 Remote View (6:24)
H2 Kinetic (6:48)

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