IndyCar Series (video game)

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IndyCar Series
IndyCar Series Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Codemasters
Publisher(s) Codemasters
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release PlayStation 2
  • NA: May 21, 2003
  • EU: June 20, 2003
  • NA: June 26, 2003
  • EU: June 20, 2006
  • NA: September 23, 2003
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

IndyCar Series is a racing simulator developed by Codemasters. It is the fifteenth game of the Official IndyCar Series games series. The game was released in 2003 for PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. The game is based on the 2002 IndyCar Series season. A sequel to the game, IndyCar Series 2005 was released on June 24, 2004 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox based on the 2003 IndyCar Series season.

Playable drivers[edit]

All drivers use Firestone tires.

# Driver Team Sponsor Chassis-engine
2 Jaques Lazier Team Menard Johns Manville/Menards Dallara-Chevrolet
3 Hélio Castroneves Team Penske Penske Truck Rental/Mobil 1 Dallara-Chevrolet
4 Sam Hornish Jr. Panther Racing Pennzoil Dallara-Chevrolet
5 Arie Luyendyk Treadway Racing Meijer G-Force-Chevrolet
6 Gil de Ferran Team Penske Penske Truck Rental/Mobil 1 Dallara-Chevrolet
7 Al Unser Jr. Kelley Racing Corteco Dallara-Chevrolet
8 Scott Sharp Kelley Racing Delphi Dallara-Chevrolet
9 Jeff Ward Chip Ganassi Racing Target G-Force-Chevrolet
10 Robby McGehee Cahill Racing Cahill Racing Dallara-Chevrolet
11 Eliseo Salazar AJ Foyt Enterprises AJ Foyt Enterprises Dallara-Chevrolet
12 Shigeaki Hattori Bradley Motorsports Epson Dallara-Chevrolet
14 Airton Daré AJ Foyt Enterprises AJ Foyt Enterprises Dallara-Chevrolet
15 Dan Wheldon Panther Racing Pennzoil Dallara-Chevrolet
20 Richie Hearn Sam Schmidt Motorsports Grill 2 Go Dallara-Chevrolet
21 Felipe Giaffone Mo Nunn Racing Mo Nunn Racing G-Force-Chevrolet
22 Tomas Scheckter Chip Ganassi Racing Target G-Force-Chevrolet
23 Sarah Fisher Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Smart Blade G-Force-Infiniti
24 Robbie Buhl Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Purex G-Force-Infiniti
27 Dario Franchitti Team Andretti/Green 7-Eleven/Big Gulp Dallara-Infiniti
31 George Mack 310 Racing 310 Racing G-Force-Chevrolet
34 Laurent Rédon Conquest Racing Mi Jack Dallara-Infiniti
44 Alex Barron Blair Racing Rayovac Dallara-Chevrolet
51 Eddie Cheever Cheever Racing Red Bull Dallara-Infiniti
52 Buddy Rice Cheever Racing Red Bull Dallara-Infiniti
55 Rick Treadway Treadway Racing Sprint G-Force-Chevrolet
78 Tony Renna Kelley Racing Kruse International Dallara-Chevrolet
91 Buddy Lazier Hemelgarn Racing Hemelgarn Racing Dallara-Chevrolet
98 Billy Boat Curb-Boat Racing Curb Records Dallara-Chevrolet
99 Anthony Lazzaro Sam Schmidt Motorsports Blair Dallara-Chevrolet

Fictional drivers[edit]

These are computer-controlled, fictional drivers that participate in the Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar Series modes. They have unused/fictional sponsors. There are 21 in total, and all use the car liveries unlockable to the custom driver.

(Note: Matt Angelus will either 'CRASH' or 'WAIVE' on every qualifying attempt, so his chassis and engine are never seen on the stats screen due to being unable to qualify onto the grid. However, his vehicle is available as a player character after certain objectives in the Indianapolis 500 are met, and it is depicted as a G-Force-Chevrolet.)

# Driver Team Sponsor Chassis-engine
17 Tony Goodwin Dynamic Reality Dynamic Reality G-Force-Chevrolet
19 James Vinn Sunwood Motorsport Sunwood Motorsport Dallara-Chevrolet
25 Paul Botaan Team Blue Spectrum Blue Spectrum Dallara-Chevrolet
26 Glen Lucy Team Emerald Emerald G-Force-Chevrolet
30 Bob Gerald Team Blue Spectrum Blue Spectrum Dallara-Chevrolet
33 Brian Jaques Crisp Racing Teams Crisp G-Force-Chevrolet
35 Carlos Daltoni Cold Steel Racing Cold Steel Dallara-Chevrolet
39 Martin Anderson Hat World Team Lids Hat World Dallara-Chevrolet
53 Lenny Hinge Blue Two Team Car No sponsor Dallara-Infiniti
58 Gareth Lane Team Lane Reebok Dallara-Cheverolet
61 Tom King Bob Brockhurst Racing Bob Brockhurst Racing Dallara-Cheverolet
64 Gerald Sun Team Foil Racing Foil Dallara-Chevrolet
66 Kyle Kershaw Team Blue Spectrum Blue Spectrum Dallara-Chevrolet
70 Oli Wheelwright Technical Racing Technical Dallara-Chevrolet
73 Bob Williams Flamebrend Flamebrend Dallara-Chevrolet
75 Sam Errat Team Polsky Polsky G-Force-Chevrolet
77 Edson Richards Team Garside Garside Dallara-Chevrolet
81 John Trickle Cold Steel Racing Cold Steel Dallara-Chevrolet
88 Michael Shoal Shoal Racing Shoal Dallara-Chevrolet
90 Matt Angelus Team Angelus Angelus G-Force-Chevrolet
97 Mike Dane Team Smile Racing Dane/Smile Dallara-Chevrolet