Inel Khagan

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Inel Khagan (Old Turkic: Old Turkic letter N1.svgOld Turkic letter G1.svgOld turkic letter Q.pngOld turkic letter L2.pngOld turkic letter A.pngOld turkic letter N2.pngOld Turkic letter I.svg, Chinese: 拓西可汗/阿史那匐俱) was a ruler of the Second Turkic Khaganate. He was killed by his relatives during struggle for the throne. Some writers[1] say that the law of succession was that power passed from a ruler to his younger brothers before returning to his sons. Thus the order was Ilterish Qaghan, his brother Qapaghan Qaghan, then his sons Bilge Qaghan and Kul Tegin. Inel, being Qapaghan's son, had no right to the throne. Other writers treat the matter as a coup d'état with no mention of the rules of succession.

Inel Khagan
Preceded by
Qapaghan Qaghan
Khagan of the Second Eastern Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Bilge Qaghan


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