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Inés Gomez Mont (born July 29, 1983 in Mexico City ) is a Mexican television host, journalist and model. She was the host of TV Azteca's Los 25+[1][2] and co-host of Ventaneando.


Gomez Mont first gained attention as an actress in 1997 with the telenovela Tric Trac. In 2002, she started working in the news production department of TV Azteca. She later joined the entertainment department, directed by Paty Chapoy. In 2004, she received the opportunity to host Los 25+. She later joined the team of Ventaneando in 2005 and also TV Azteca's sports reporters. Gomez Mont gained notoriety in the English speaking world when, at the Super Bowl Media Day for Super Bowl XLII, she attended a news conference with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wearing a revealing wedding dress and pleaded with Brady to marry her.[3]