Ineu Peak

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Vârful Ineu

Ineu (also Inău) is a peak in the Rodna Mountains, Romania. Elevation: 2,279 m. It is actually the second peak as height after Pietrosu Peak (Rodna). Elevation: 2,303m. It belongs to the Mixed Reservation "Ineu-Lala".


DN17D - Rodna, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Şanţ, Bistriţa-Năsăud then on a forest road to "Valea Blaznei" resort up until "Cabana Diana" (9km from the village Şanţ). From here, on foot, to Roşu Peak, Ineuţ Peak, Ineu Peak. From "Cabana Diana" the Blue Cross route must be taken to reach Ineu Peak. From the top of Ineu Peak it is possible to descend to the glacier lakes "Lala Mic" and "Lala Mare".

Coordinates: 47°30′39″N 24°52′41″E / 47.51083°N 24.87806°E / 47.51083; 24.87806