Infantry Battalion 744 (Indonesia)

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Infantry Battalion 744 (744/Satya Yonif Yudha Bhakti) is a territorial infantry battalion of the Indonesian Army. It used to part of Kodam IX/Udayana when East Timor was a part of Indonesia. Established on January 24, 1978, this battalion was headquartered in Los Palos, East Timor now Timor-Leste.

One of the accomplishments of this battalion was participation in the ambush that killed the President of Fretilin, Nicolau Lobato in January 1979. The raid was conducted jointly with Kopassus troops under the command of Prabowo Subianto.

Once out of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia over East Timor, the Battalion and its achievements recorded in operation to the Security Pengacau Movement (GPK) East Timor, its existence is maintained by the Regional Commander of Udayana (then) Maj. Gen. Kiki Syahnarki.

Although the Military Zone 164/Wiradharma in East Timor was liquidated along with the loss of East Timor from the Republic of Indonesia, the Battalion was maintained and eventually became part of the Military Zone 161/Wirasakti's organic forces at Kupang.

Ambush of Nicolau Lobato[edit]

Yonif 744 led by Major Yunus Yosfiah was in pursuit of the Fretilin forces in Maubisse Kecil for almost two weeks. Troops operating in this sector included Battalion 744, Battalion 700, Battalion 401 (Yonif Nanggala Raiders) and Kopassus's Team-28.

On December 30, 1978 at 05.00 the Commander of the Nanggala-28 team, Capt. Inf Danyon Prabowo reported to the 744th's Major Yunus Yosfiah of the Fretilin troop movements toward the south. Central Sector Commander, Infantry Colonel Tottori Sahala King immediately ordered a siege against the target. Formation of TNI troops at that time:

  1. Team Nanggala-28 north side
  2. Yonif 700 and Yonif 401 east side
  3. 744 Yonif as the spearhead of the attack

On that day I Platoon Company B, led the 744th Yonif Maudobe Sergeant involved in the gunfire resulted in a number of enemy casualty. Among the dead was Sergeant Maudobe and Nicolau Lobato. The body was successfully recognized by Gutteres two Soldiers (enlisted radio bearer). The pursuit also involved helicopter units.

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