Infatuation with Malevolence

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Infatuation with Malevolence
Dying fetus - infatuation with malevolence.jpg
Compilation album by Dying Fetus
Released 1995
Recorded Jan. 1993 and April 1994
Genre Deathgrind
Label Wild Rags
Dying Fetus chronology
Infatuation with Malevolence
Purification Through Violence
(1996)Purification Through Violence1996

Infatuation with Malevolence is a 1995 album containing reissues of Dying Fetus' early demo material.

On the album, tracks 6-11 were originally released as "Bathe In Entrails" (1993). These songs were originally written in 1992 and represent the band at its earlier stages, both lyrically and musically. The time was one where the band was seeking direction and when they could not find a drummer, guitarist John Gallagher played the drums and did the best he could so the band could get a demo out. With the addition of Brian Latta on guitar, Rob Belton on drums, and the return of John to guitar and vocals in late 1993, a stable and more mature lineup was completed. The difference can be heard on tracks 1-5 (originally released as the "Infatuation With Malevolence" demo, 1994), where the band solidified its sound and style and set the pace for the albums to follow.

As a bonus, tracks 12-14 were recorded live in Herbolzheim, Germany on August 25, 1998.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Eviscerated Offspring" 5:05
2. "Your Blood Is My Wine" 5:31
3. "...And the Weak Shall Be Crushed" 4:52
4. "Visualize Permanent Damnation" 1:09
5. "Purged of My Worldly Being" 4:06
6. "Bathe in Entrails" 4:38
7. "Nocturnal Crucifixion" 3:22
8. "Wretched Flesh Consumption" 2:53
9. "Grotesque Impalement" 5:10
10. "Vomiting the Fetal Embryo" 2:54
Reissue on Blunt Force Records
No. Title Length
11. "Tearing Inside the Womb" 4:43
12. "Intentional Manslaughter" (Live) 5:37
13. "Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog" (Live) 1:24
14. "Skullfucked" (Live) 2:51
15. "Clapping" 0:11

Live tracks recorded in Herbolzheim, Germany 08.25.98