Batman: Inferno

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Batman: Inferno
First edition cover
Author Alex Irvine
Country United States
Language English
Genre Superhero fiction
Publisher Del Rey Books
Publication date
31 October 2006
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 352 pp
ISBN 0-345-47945-9
OCLC 74907551
Preceded by Batman: Dead White
Followed by Batman: Fear Itself

Batman: Inferno is a novel set in the universe of DC Comics superhero Batman and was penned by Alex Irvine, a writer and assistant professor of English at the University of Maine. The novel is a sequel to Batman: Dead White and is the second installment in a trilogy of Batman novels published by Del Rey Books. Batman: Inferno features Batman's archenemy, the Joker, and the introduction of an original villain called Enfer.

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A former firefighter, now an explosives expert, breaks into Arkham Asylum and burns it to the ground. Many of the inhabitants escape, including the Joker. The arsonist, calling himself Enfer, continues his rampage of destruction and comes into conflict with the Joker. The latter inmate has stumbled upon a way to disguise himself as the Batman. With some unexpected assistance, the Joker convinces the city that Batman has become a murdering lunatic.

Enfer and the Joker finalize their conflict with an array of customizable remote-control robots. Batman is setback by the fact this is early in his career and he is limited in his resources thanks to losses caused by his adversaries.


  • Bruce Wayne/The Batman – a vigilante early in his crime fighting career that has taken it upon himself to protect Gotham City from a vast criminal underworld. Little does the public know that the Batman is secretly an alias of Bruce Wayne, a famed billionaire philanthropist and resident of Gotham.
  • The Joker – Batman's arch-nemesis and a psychotic clown-themed criminal who often wreaks havoc on Gotham City.
  • Enfer – a fire-themed supervillain and explosive expert who was a firefighter before his descent into crime.



On 27 February 2007, Del Rey published a sequel to Batman: Inferno titled Batman: Fear Itself, written by authors Michael Reaves and Steven-Elliot Altman. Batman: Fear Itself is the third and final novel to date in the series of novels published by Del Rey. It focuses on Batman's early encounters with the Scarecrow.

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