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InfiniDB, Inc.
Industry Enterprise Software
Database Management
Data Warehousing
Founded 2000
Headquarters Frisco, Texas, USA
Products InfiniDB,
InfiniDB for the Cloud,
InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop

InfiniDB (formerly Calpont Corporation[1]) used to be a database management software company based in Frisco, Texas. The company develops InfiniDB, a scalable, software-only columnar database management system[2] for analytic applications.[3] InfiniDB was selected as finalist in the Best Database Solution category at the 26th and 27th SIIA Annual CODiE Awards.[4][5]

InfiniDB is a scalable database built for big data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and other read-intensive applications.[4] InfiniDB's column-store architecture enables very quick load and query times.[6] Its massive parallel processing (MPP) technology scales with any type of storage hardware.[7]

Columnar Databases[edit]

By storing and managing data based on columns rather than rows, column-oriented architecture overcomes query limitations that exist in traditional row-based RDBMS. Only the necessary columns in a query are accessed, reducing I/O activities by circumventing unneeded rows.[8]

InfiniDB is accessed through a MySQL interface.[9] It then parallelizes queries and executes in a Map-Reduce fashion (similar in concept to the methodology used by Apache Hadoop).[10] Each thread within the distributed architecture operates independently, avoiding thread-to-thread or node-to-node communication that can cripple scaling.[11]

InfiniDB is used to enable performance-intensive analytic applications. Customers include, Tucows, Warner Music Group,[12] Genus,[13] Aviation Software International,[14] Caring Bridge,[15] Navigant Consulting and 1&1 Internet.[16]

InfiniDB resellers include SkySQL (including many former MySQL employees)[17] and KK Ashisuto in Japan.[18]

On October 16, 2013, the company announced that InfiniDB would be licensed under the General Public License v. 2.[19]

Three open source versions of InfiniDB are available: InfiniDB, InfiniDB for the Cloud, and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop


On 1 October 2014 InfiniDB ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy protection in US Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of Texas. Existing customers may be able to receive support from other companies, notably MariaDB.