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IndustryData storage
FounderMoshe Yanai
HeadquartersWaltham, MA
Herzliya, Israel

Infinidat is an Israeli-American data storage company.


Infinidat was founded by Moshe Yanai[2][3] in 2011.[4] By 2015 it was valued at $1.2 billion,[2] and in 2017 it was valued at $1.6 billion.[5] The company has offices in 17 countries and two headquarters: one in Waltham, MA and one in Herzliya, Israel.[6]


In 2013 the company filed for thirty-nine patents,[3] and later that year released its flagship product, the InfiniBox. The product employs machine learning algorithms in order to increase the efficiency of low-cost hardware. Each system initially managed about five petabytes of data.[5] As of October 2017, the company had shipped about two exabytes worth of storage to its customers. [7][8] The company uses conventional and flash storage, and has a better than one million IOPS performance and 99.99999 percent reliability.[9] The product is used by large corporations and clients including cloud service providers, telecoms, financial services firms, healthcare providers, and others that require large amounts of data storage.[10]


In 2015 the company received $150 million in funding during its Series B round led by TPG Growth.[11] In 2017, the company received $95 million in funding,[5] in a Series C round led by Goldman Sachs. At this stage it had received $325 million in total funding.[6]


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