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Infinit's logo, introduced in 2012
Developer(s) Infinit International Inc.
Initial release November 2013
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows
OS X 10.7+
Type File transfer
License Proprietary software

Infinit is a file transfer service operated by Infinit International Inc. Infinit has released four products, two for desktop and two for mobile. The desktop products are natives clients running on OS X (10.7+) and Windows. On mobile, Infinit has also released native apps, one for Android and another one for iOS.[1] A native Linux client is expected to be released later in 2015.[2]

The products enable users both to send files to each other and to a user's own devices through a simple drag/drop process.[3] The data is transferred by connecting directly to the recipient in a peer-to-peer configuration, as opposed to the server-centric model used by cloud services. The service has been reported to be faster than the competitive solutions, including Apple's local file transfer protocol AirDrop.[4] In addition, the files are encrypted before being transferred and are never stored in the cloud (on a third-party machine). Files are encrypted before leaving the sender's computer so that third-parties cannot view the files; only the recipient can decrypt them.[5]


Infinit has headquarters in 25, rue Titon, 75011, Paris, France and 1407 Broadway, New York City, United States.

It was reported the company had a $0.5 million investment from Alive Ideas[6] and other business angels and after 4 months in stealth mode, the company released its first product, its file transfer app for Mac.[7]

Infinit was a member of the second season of Le Camping, a Paris-based startup accelerator, participating in a 6-month program from September 2011 to March 2012.[8] Infinit was selected in July 2013 by Agoranov, a research-based startup incubator in Paris.[9]

Infinit has been mentioned in some startup competitions such as Qualcomm QPrize 2012[10] and in March 2014 it was one of the 13 companies selected (among over 1000 applicants) by Techstars, a mentorship-driven startup incubator, to join its New York City program.[11] By May 2014 the company raised an additional $1.8 million investment from Alven Capital Partners and 360 Capital Partners.[12]

As of November 2014, over 50 petabytes of data have been transfer using Infinit.[13]


The company maintains and extends the Infinit technology originally developed by one of its founders, Julien Quintard, during his research as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.[14]


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