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Infinit's logo, introduced in 2012
Infinit's logo, introduced in 2012
Developer(s) Infinit International Inc.
Initial release November 2013
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X 10.7 and later, iOS, Android, Linux
Type File transfer
License Proprietary software

Infinit is a discontinued file transfer service operated by Infinit International Inc. Infinit has released five products, three for desktop and two for mobile. The desktop products are natives clients running on macOS (Mac OS X 10.7+), Microsoft Windows and Linux. On mobile, Infinit has also released native apps, one for Android and another one for iOS.[1]

The products enable users both to send files to each other and to a user's own devices through a simple drag/drop process.[2] The data is transferred by connecting directly to the recipient in a peer-to-peer configuration, as opposed to the server-centric model used by cloud services. The service has been reported to be faster than the competitive solutions, including Apple's local file transfer protocol AirDrop.[3] In addition, the files are encrypted before being transferred and are never stored in the cloud (on a third-party machine). Files are encrypted before leaving the sender's computer so that third-parties cannot view the files; only the recipient can decrypt them.[4]


Infinit has headquarters in 25, rue Titon, 75011, Paris, France and 1407 Broadway, New York City, United States.

It was reported the company had a $0.5 million investment from Alive Ideas[5] and other business angels and after 4 months in stealth mode, the company released its first product, its file transfer app for Mac.[6]

Infinit was a member of the second season of Le Camping, a Paris-based startup accelerator, participating in a 6-month program from September 2011 to March 2012.[7] Infinit was selected in July 2013 by Agoranov, a research-based startup incubator in Paris.[8]

Infinit has been mentioned in some startup competitions such as Qualcomm QPrize 2012[9] and in March 2014 it was one of the 13 companies selected (among over 1000 applicants) by Techstars, a mentorship-driven startup incubator, to join its New York City program.[10] By May 2014 the company raised an additional $1.8 million investment from Alven Capital Partners and 360 Capital Partners.[11]

As of November 2014, over 50 petabytes of data have been transfer using Infinit.[12]

Infinit discontinued their file transfer service on March 31, 2017 [13] to focus on their Infinit Storage Platform product.


The company maintains and extends the Infinit technology originally developed by one of its founders, Julien Quintard, during his research as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.[14] The technology is shared with Infinit's other product: the Infinit Storage Platform.


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