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Infinite Monkeys
Infinite monkeys logo.jpg
Developer(s)Infinite Monkeys (Pte Ltd)
Initial releaseDecember 2011
Operating systemiOS, Android
Typeapplication framework

Infinite Monkeys is a self-service platform that allows users to create native apps for iPhone, Android and HTML5 mobile websites with no coding knowledge.[1][2][3][4][5] The company’s name is reference to the Infinite Monkey Theorem.[3][6]


Infinite Monkeys is headquartered in Singapore. The company was founded by Jay Shapiro and David Hoare.[1][6][7][8] The beta version of Infinite Monkeys was released in September 2011 and went live in December 2011 at the AppNation conference in San Francisco.[9] The company is a virtual organization with staff contracted via oDesk and distributed across six continents.[6][10]

The platform has a web-based graphic user interface (GUI) that uses a WYSIWYG editor and allows users to take existing web content and third-party feeds to generate apps for iPhone, Android, and HTML5-supported smartphones.[6][8][11] Infinite Monkeys uses a drag-and-drop process to organize widgets on the app screen and features a dashboard for users to manage in-app subscriptions, messages and analytics.[8][12][11]

In August 2013, the platform acquired fellow mobile app builder AppMakr, and now operates under both the AppMakr and Infinite Monkeys brands.[1][6] The acquisition has made Infinite Monkeys the world’s largest DIY app publisher.[6][better source needed]

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