Infinity's Shore

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Infinity's Shore
Infinity shore.jpg
Author David Brin
Cover artist Jim Burns
Country United States
Language English
Series Uplift Storm
Genre Science Fiction
Published 1996 (Spectra)
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 644
ISBN 0-553-57777-8
OCLC 38045623
Preceded by Brightness Reef
Followed by Heaven's Reach

Infinity's Shore is the second novel in the Uplift Storm series by David Brin. The plot follows the adventures of the Jijoan exiles, although the crew of Streaker are minor characters.


  • French: "Le Chemin des bannis" and "Les Rives de l′infini", 1998.
  • German: "Ring der Sonnen" ("Ring of the suns"), 1999.
  • Russian: "Берег бесконечности" ("Infinity's Shore"), AST, 2003.
  • Polish: "Brzeg nieskończoności" ("Infinity's Shore"), 2001.
  • Serbian: "Обала бескраја" ("Infinity's Shore"), 1998.
  • Spanish: "La costa del infinito" ("Infinity's Shore"), 1999.
  • Italian: "Le Rive dell'Infinito" ("Infinity's Shores"), 2000.
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