Info Wars

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Info Wars
Info-wars de.jpg
Promotional poster for info wars
Directed by Sebastian J. F.
Produced by Parallel Universe (Sebastian J. F.)
Written by Fate
Starring Jon Johansen
Robin Gross
Ray Thomas
Ricardo Dominguez
Douglas Rushkoff
Hans Bernhard (Ubermorgen)
Distributed by Parallel Universe (world)
Polyfilm (Austria)
Release date
November 6, 2016
Running time
69 min.
Language American English, Thai

Info Wars (styled as info wars) is a 2004 film which shows the mechanics of modern information warfare and media hacking. The featured stories are intertwined but circle around the central subject of the film: How the modern mass media can be used (and is used) to reach certain ends by all involved parties.

The film is named after the Ars Electronica title of 1998.

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