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The Information Architecture Institute (IA Institute or IAI) was a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to advancing and promoting information architecture. The organization, originally known as the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture, was incorporated in November 2002,[1] and was a 501(c)(6) organization. It grew to become one of the world's largest professional groups for web specialists, with over 1200 members in 60 countries,[2] but was dissolved in September 2019 and is no longer a professional board of trade but only an organization.[3]

The institute broadly defined "information architecture[4]" as:

  • The structural design of shared information environments.
  • The art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability.
  • An emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.

Founding of the Institute[edit]

The Information Architecture Institute was founded in 2002 by Christina Wodtke, President, Lou Rosenfeld, Treasurer, Victor Lombardi, Secretary, Peter Morville and John Zapolski.[5] During the first week of the creation of the Institute, 163 charter joined. This number became 400 by August 2003. Thes members came from 26 countries. These first member where of crucial importance to make progress to the IAI first projects:[6]

  • AIfIA Translations
  • Metrics for IA
  • Membership Directory
  • Education Curriculum
  • F2F, a face-to-face project for IAfIA members meet-up
  • Job Board

The Institute at its foundation, with its mission of advance in the field of shared information environments, defined goals for the first year:

  • Bring value to practitioners of IA
  • Advance in the field of information architecture
  • Support these goals by creating sustainable infrastructure & operations


The Journal of Information Architecture is an independent initiative of REG-iA, the Research & Education Group in IA. It published papers from 2009 through 2013 and was sponsored by the Information Architecture Institute and by Copenhagen Business School.


The IA Institute has produced and supported 20 iterations of the IA Conference (IAC) since 2000.[7] The next conference will be held in New Orleans April 14-18th 2020 and will include "a mix of workshops, talks and surprises."[8]

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