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Information Systems and Services
Information Systems and Services (logo).jpg
Organisation overview
Formed April 1, 2008 (2008-04-01)
Preceding Organisation
Jurisdiction Government of the United Kingdom
Headquarters MOD Corsham, Wiltshire
Employees 2000
Annual budget £1.8 billion
Organisation executive
  • Major General Ivan Hooper (Interim)[1], Chief Digital and Information Officer
Parent department Ministry of Defence
Parent Organisation Joint Forces Command
Key document

Information Systems and Services (or Information Systems & Services or ISS) is a Cluster within the Joint Forces Command Top Level Budget of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.[2] With its headquarters at Corsham, Wiltshire, and satellite sites elsewhere, it employs around 5,000 people.


ISS was created on 1 April 2008 from the former Defence Communications and Services Agency (DCSA). In turn, the DCSA had been formed in 1995 from many single-Service signals organisations including RAFSEE (the Royal Air Force Signals Engineering Establishment). On 1 April 2014, ISS moved from Defence Equipment and Support to Joint Forces Command.


ISS headquarters are at MOD Corsham in Wiltshire. The organisation has a presence at other sites throughout the UK, including:


The task of the ISS is information and communications technology support for MoD operations and business.[3]


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