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Information Systems and Services
Organisation overview
Formed1 April 2007 (2007-04-01)
Preceding Organisation
Superseding agency
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersMOD Corsham, Wiltshire
Parent departmentMinistry of Defence
Parent OrganisationStrategic Command

Information Systems & Services (ISS) was a cluster within Strategic Command Top Level Budget of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.[1] ISS was replaced by Defence Digital in 2019.[2]


ISS was created from the former Defence Communication Services Agency (DCSA) on 1 April 2007.[3]

The organisation was spread across a number of sites, but in 2010 a £690 million programme was announced to unite ISS at MoD Corsham, Witshire in a modern office complex with 1,874 workspaces.[4]

In 2019 ISS and a number of organisations were brought together as Defence Digital, with an annual budget of over £2 billion and about 2,400 staff including military, civil servants and contractors, led by Ministry of Defence chief information officer Charles Forte.[2][5]


Information Systems & Services provided the procurement and support functions for integrated information and communication services across the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence and to overseas bases, operations and ships.[6][7]


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