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InfoTollgate is the brand name of the InfoTollgate|FastLane (enterprise) and InfoTollgate|OnRamp (entry-level) web-based content management system offered as a hosted service by InfoTollgate, LLC.


Originally developed in 2003 as an "in-house" solution to the need for a linux-based content management system, the technology was acquired in 2005 by Turnpike Software, LLC of Stamford, CT, and used as a development platform for a number of custom content management implementations. In 2007, InfoTollgate, LLC was formed, in Wilton, CT, to offer the technology as a hosted, "software as a service" solution. Today, InfoTollgate LLC has 4 distributors in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

Differentiating Factors[edit]

InfoTollgate, like other content management systems provides the ability to create, store and retrieve web pages in a database. However, it also has embedded features beyond the simple create/store/retrieve protocol found in most CMS systems. InfoTollgate supports not only web page content, but all manner of text, graphics, audio and video

  • Membership & Subscription Management: InfoTollgate includes membership and subscription registration for one or more memberships/subscriptions per user. This includes self-registration, or registration via a telesales or sales process.
  • Role Based Authentication allows content to be designated as public or private, and if private, allows any content to be associated with any one or more classes of membership or subscription.
  • The E-Commerce features include online credit card processing, as well as offline purchase (cash, money order or purchase order). E-Commerce includes subscriptions, memberships, a la carte content purchases (pay per view, for example). E-commerce is not a separate function. Any content in the system can be designated as free or paid. The content object itself can be a product (e.g., a newsletter subscription or report), or, the content object can be a product description of either content, or a real-world product. Salable content is priced when created, and is an integral part of the WYSIWYG content editor.
  • Catalogs can be created for any classes of content. Catalogs can be simply automatic directories or listings of content meeting predefined criteria (e.g., a glossary catalog could accumulate and alphabetize a list of individual definition documents), or, can serve as traditional storefront catalogs including prices and ordering information. Under user control, each catalog can include content, content descriptions, graphics, even prices for catalog items that are commercial products.
  • The Consumer and Business social networking functions include unlimited blogs and discussion forums, as well as the ability to post comments to any web page within the system. Unlike other content management systems, the blogs and forums can be public or private, free or paid. The content within the blogs and forums is keyword and full-text searchable along with all other content within the CMS. They are not separate and distinct systems. The system also includes a variety of different types of personal home pages.
  • Web Widgets such as google calendars and spreadsheets, videos and other off-site web services can be quickly and easily incorporated into Infotollgate system based sites using the built-in widget editor.

Typical Applications[edit]

Originally the InfoTollgate system was designed to support the analyst firm business model (e.g., firms like Gartner, Inc. or The Info Pro, but has since been expanded to support trade shows, community and daily newspapers, magazines, and other sophisticated, rich-media web sites.