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Infragistics is a global software company, founded in 1989, that publishes user interface (UI) development tools[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] and components for a range of developer applications, across all platforms. The company is also a provider of developer support, testing tools, and UI and User Experience (UX) training and consulting services.[9]

Their products enable developers to create UIs that are the foundation for developing applications with data visualization in line of business applications for platforms that include[10] —Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET[11] and Silverlight[12][13][14] as well as jQuery/HTML5, and mobile controls for the Windows Phone,[15] iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Infragistics branched into the application prototyping industry with Indigo Studio, which is aimed at injecting simple design principles into the software development process.[16] Additionally, in 2012 Infragistics acquired mobile app development company, Southlabs[17] and continues to develop their Enterprise Mobility products, SharePlus (a mobile sharepoint client) and ReportPlus (a mobile dashboarding application).

The company, based in Cranbury, NJ,[18] was established in November 2000 when ProtoView Development Corporation and Sheridan Software Systems, Inc. merged.[19] Besides its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey, Infragistics has offices in eight other countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, India, Bulgaria and Uruguay.

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