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Ing, ING or ing may refer to:

Art and media[edit]

In old Germanic history[edit]

  • Ing, theonym of Germanic god Yngvi
  • Ingwaz rune, also known as Ing in Old English, a runic symbol possibly referring to Yngvi

Go game[edit]

  • Ing Cup, an international Go tournament sponsored by the Ing Foundation (founded by Ing Chang-ki)
  • Ing Prize, an incentive for research in computer Go
  • Ing rules, a ruleset of Go


  • Ing (surname), a medieval English surname, of Norse-Viking origins
  • Ing Chang-ki (1914–1997), Taiwanese industrialist, philanthropist and founder of the Ing Foundation
  • Ing Yoe Tan (born 1948), Dutch lawmaker, member of the Senate for the Labour Party (PvdA) since 1998

Other uses[edit]

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