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Ing Chang-ki (Chinese: 應昌期; pinyin: Yīng Chāngqī; 1914–1997) was a Taiwanese industrialist, Go player, and Go promoter. He was the founder of the Ing Cup. He is also known for promoting the Ing Rules of Go. He also promoted one of the first digital game clocks to support byoyomi.


Ing Chang-ki was born in Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1914. When he was a young man he served in a bank in Shanghai as a clerk. Later he became a locally famous banker in Shanghai. In 1949 he went to Taipei, and finally became an industry mogul in Taiwan.

He created the Ing Foundation for further promotion of Go, while encouraging the use of the name Goe in an attempt to differentiate its name from the English verb go.

Until 2000, he sponsored a tournament and substantial prize for computer Go programs known as the Ing Prize.

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