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Ing Cup
Full nameIng Cup
SponsorsIng Chang-ki Weiqi Educational Foundation
Prize money($400,000)

The Ing Cup is an international Go tournament, with a large cash prize of over US$400,000. It was begun by, and is named after, Ing Chang-ki.

In the 7th Ing Cup (2012/13), Fan Tingyu (b. 1996) beat Park Junghwan (b. 1993) [3-1] and became the youngest Ing Cup winner in history. In the semifinal, Fan defeated Xie He, and Park defeated Lee Chang-ho.


The Ing Cup is sponsored by Ing, Yomiuri Shimbun, the Nihon-Kiin, and Kansai-Kiin, and held every 4 years (and thus often nicknamed Go Olympics). The competition has its own rules and an 8-point komi. The time allotment is 3.5 hours for each player, while players are available to buy an extra 35 minutes for an additional 2-point komi a maximum of three times. The first rounds are knockouts, while the semi-finals and finals are a best-of-3 and best-of-5 respectively.[1][2]

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Edition Year Nat. Winner Score Nat. Runner-up
1st 1988-1989 South Korea Cho Hunhyun 3–2 China Nie Weiping
2nd 1992-1993 Seo Bongsoo 3–2 Japan Otake Hideo
3rd 1996 Yoo Changhyuk 3–1 Yoda Norimoto
4th 2000-2001 Lee Changho 3–1 China Chang Hao
5th 2004-2005 China Chang Hao 3–1 South Korea Choi Cheolhan
6th 2008-2009 South Korea Choi Cheolhan 3–1 Lee Changho
7th 2012-2013 China Fan Tingyu 3–1 Park Junghwan
8th 2016 Tang Weixing 3–2


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