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Inga Abel
Born July 7, 1946
Düsseldorf, Germany
Died May 27, 2000(2000-05-27) (aged 53)
Düsseldorf, Germany
Occupation Actress

Inga Abel (July 7, 1946 – May 27, 2000) was a German actress.

Abel studied ballet and figure skating from the time she was eight. From the ages of 17 to 19 she was the second soloist in the Vienna Ice Revue. After that, she took acting lessons in her hometown of Düsseldorf and performed at Die Komödie Frankfurt, the Cologne Cathedral Theater, and at the Schloßhoftheater in Moers, among others. She went on to play the role of Dr. Eva-Maria Sperling on the ARD series "Lindenstraße" from 1992 to 2000.

Inga Abel died of cancer in Düsseldorf on May 27, 2000. Hans W. Geißendörfer, the producer of Lindenstraße, on Inga Abel, the person and the actress: "She played her roles with precision, intelligence, understanding, and depth. Inga's ability, her honesty, boldness, and courage to face life will remain unforgettable."


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