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Ingarodherai is a village in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa situated about one kilometre from Mingora city. The village population is about five thousand.[citation needed]


The village is situated on the banks of the Swat River. The main road of the village also serves as the Mingora bypass road. Surrounding villages include Nawakilai, Rahimabad, Qambar, Balogram, Takhtaband and Mingora city.

The River Swat separates Ingarodherai from Kanju.


The main ethnicity in the village is Pashtun.[citation needed] The following tribes inhabit the village: Mirkhan Khel, Bostan Khel, Kata Khel, Aqdad Khel, Mazeed Khel, Degaan Khel, Gujjars, Fateh Khan Khel, and Mia Gaan.

Local governance[edit]

Ingarodherai has historical importance in the history of Swat because it is where the tribes of Swat were first united[when?]. Following this, the tribes migrated from village to village.

Ingarodherai is the only village situated near Mingora city where local governance still uses the Jirga system.[citation needed]