Ingco Crew

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Ingco Crew
Born Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Genres Reggaeton
Instruments Vocals

Ingco Crew is a famous reggaeton group from the Dominican Republic. Their members are Little K, MC Pablo, and K.T. They were featured on the 100% Dominicano: La Nueva Sangre del Reggaeton album. Their top songs include "Ella no te quiere" (with Krisspy), "Quisiera Saber", "Tu y Yo", "Saca Candela" (with Grupo Aguakate), and "Sobala, Sobala" (with Big Family). They fuse bachata, merengue, and other dance styles with the dembow beat of Reggaeton, while rapping over it. MC Pablo has also stated that his influences include American rappers Method Man and producer and rapper Dr. Dre.