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Ingebjørg Harman Bratland
Born (1990-05-08) 8 May 1990 (age 30)
Vinje, Telemark
GenresFolk, kveder, composer

Ingebjørg Harman Bratland (born 8 May 1990 in Edland, Vinje, Telemark)[1] is a Norwegian folk singer, kveder and artist. In 2008–2009, she attended Foss Upper Secondary School in Oslo.

Early life[edit]

Bratland began singing as a kveder when she was five years old,[1] and was notable for her ability to perform folk songs, stev and ballads. She started taking singing lessons at an early age, primarily from Ellen Nordstoga. In 2004, at age 14, she received the 'Eckbo legaters folkemusikkpris'.[2] As a kveder, Bratland won the C-class at Landskappleiken traditional music competition four times. In 2009, she won the vocal class A during the Norwegian championship in traditional folk music at Geilo. She is the Nordic Champion in traditional folk music and, in 2009, received the Vinje Municipality Culture Scholarship.[3] In 2010, Bratland was awarded the Fureprisen, which included NKR 50 000.[4]


In 2013, Bratland released the album Heimafrå together with Odd Nordstoga. She was awarded the 2013 Spellemannprisen in the category "traditional folk music" for this album. She was nominated for the 2014 Spellemannprisen in the category "folk music" for her first solo album Berre Meg. Her second solo album, Månesinn, was released in 2015. The album contains tunes Bratland wrote herself, with the producers Espen Lind and Geir Hvidsten. Following her performance at the 2016 Spellemannsprisen, a remix of the single "Stjernene" with the rapper Lars Vaular as guest artist was released.

She contributed the song "Mitt hjerte alltid vanker" on H. K. H. Kronprinsesse Mette-Marits Sorgen Og Gleden and participated in other concerts and performances, including Den fyste song for H. M. Kong Harald in connection with his 70th birthday (2007).[5]

Bratland performed the title track of the children series Jul i svingen on NRK1. The series' music was written by Odd Nordstoga and was awarded the 2006 Spellemannprisen in the category Best music album for children. Bratland and Odd Nordstoga give a duet on the tune "Julevise". She participated in television broadcasts Kjempesjansen and Beat for Beat at NRK1, and Det store korslaget at TV2 Norway. She performed Nordahl Grieg's "Til Ungdommen" a cappella at the memorial concert in Oslo Cathedral 30 July 2011.[6]


  • 2009: Winner of vocal category A during the Norwegian championship of traditional folk music at Geilo
  • 2013: Spellemannprisen in the category Traditional folk music with Odd Nordstoga for the album Heimafrå


Solo albums[edit]

  • 2014: Berre Meg (Universal)
  • 2015: Månesinn (Universal)
  • 2017 Bror
  • 2020: Papirfly



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