Inglefield Land

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Inglefield Land is located in Greenland
Inglefield Land
Inglefield Land
Inglefield Land (Greenland)

Inglefield Land is an unglaciated region along the northwestern coast of Greenland, stretching from Cape Alexander in the southwest to Cape Agassiz in the northeast. It is bounded by Prudhoe Land in the south, Humboldt Glacier in the east, and Kane Basin in the north.[1]

Inglefield Land is noted for its archaeological sites, which show evidence of occupation by the Dorset Culture and Thule Culture, as well as evidence of Viking presence.

Inglefield Land was named after the English explorer Edward Augustus Inglefield.


Coordinates: 78°35′N 69°45′W / 78.583°N 69.750°W / 78.583; -69.750