Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site

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Inglis Grain Elevators
Inglis MB 5 grain elevators.JPG
Inglis elevators, located on the southeast edge of the village.
Type Grain elevator row
Location Village of Inglis, Manitoba, Canada
Nearest city Shelmouth-Boulton
Built 1922–1941
Architectural style(s) Wood-crib elevators, industrial
Governing body Village of Inglis-Town Council
Website Inglis Grain Elevators
Designated 1996

Inglis elevator row is a row of five grain elevators standing in a row from south to north alongside the former Canadian Pacific Railway track bed, on the southeast edge of the village of Inglis, Manitoba, Canada. Because so many grain elevators have been demolished throughout Western Canada, only two elevator rows have survived partial if not complete demolition. For example, Vulcan, Alberta once had a total of thirteen elevators and was one of the largest grain shipping points in Canada, but the elevators have been completely destroyed as of 2000.

Inglis has the last elevator row in all of Canada with a total of five elevators. The elevators in Inglis have been protected as a National Historic Sites of Canada.

History and significance[edit]

Looking down the tracks.

The Inglis row consists of five wood-crib elevators as listed:

  • N. M. Paterson Company, built in 1922
  • Reliance elevators, built by Matheson-Lindsay in 1922 as a single elevator. The elevator was then taken over by Province Elevator Co. later becoming Reliance Elevators in the 1930s. By 1941 a new "twin" elevator was added for more space. Manitoba Pool bought the elevators in 1952 and lastly sold to United Grain Growers in 1971. The elevators have since been fully restored back to their original signage as Reliance elevators.
  • United grain growers elevator, originally built by United Grain Growers in 1922 but replaced after destroyed by fire in 1925. Latter on horizontal balloon annexes were added for more space in 1949.
  • National elevator, built by the Northern Elevator Co. in 1922 later taken over by National in the 1940s and then Cargill and last Patterson Grain in 1979. The elevator has been completely restored as a gift shop.

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Coordinates: 50°56′39″N 101°14′57″W / 50.94417°N 101.24917°W / 50.94417; -101.24917