Inglis M. Uppercu

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Inglis M. Uppercu
Born 17, September 1877
Evanston, Illinois
Died 7, April 1944
New York City
Education Polytechnic School of Brooklyn, Columbia University Law School
Known for Aeromarine aircraft
Spouse(s) Ella Krueger

Inglis M. Uppercu (1877–1944) was an American founder of Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company

Early life[edit]

Uppercu went to the Polytechnic School of Brooklyn and Columbia University Law School. Uppercu operated the Motor Car Company of New Jersey. In 1906, he sold a vehicle to Judge Gottfried Kruger, and married his daughter, whom he taught to drive in the vehicle.[1] In 1908 Uppercu bought the New York Operations of Cadillac.[2] Uppercu built his first biplane aircraft in 1909.[3] Uppercu took control of Borland Aeroplane and Motor Company, renaming it to Aeromarine in 1914.[4] In 1924, Uppercu formed the Uppercu-Burnelli Airplane Co building lifting body aircraft designed by Vincent Burnelli. Uppercu retired in 1938.[5]


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