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Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish screenwriter and film director. Between 1944 and 2003 he directed 45 feature films and wrote many screenplays for others. He was also a playwright and theatre director, and he simultaneously worked extensively in theatre throughout his film career.

Feature films[edit]

Year English title Original title Functioned as Premiere Notes
Director Writer
1944 Torment Hets Yes Theatrical 2 October Directed by Alf Sjöberg
1946 Crisis Kris Yes Yes Theatrical 25 February Based on the play Moderhjertet by Leck Fischer
It Rains on Our Love Det regnar på vår kärlek Yes Yes Theatrical 9 November Based on the play Bra mennesker by Oskar Braaten
1947 Woman Without a Face Kvinna utan ansikte Yes Theatrical 16 September Directed by Gustaf Molander
A Ship Bound for India Skepp till Indialand Yes Yes Theatrical 22 September Based on the play Skepp till Indialand by Martin Söderhjelm
1948 Music in Darkness /
Night Is My Future
Musik i mörker Yes Theatrical 17 January Written by Dagmar Edqvist, based on her play
Port of Call Hamnstad Yes Yes Theatrical 11 October Based on the story "Guldet och murarna" by Olle Länsberg
Eva Eva Yes Theatrical 26 December Directed by Gustaf Molander
1949 Prison /
The Devil's Wanton
Fängelse Yes Yes Theatrical 19 March
Thirst /
Three Strange Loves
Törst Yes Theatrical 17 October Written by Herbert Grevenius, based on the story collection Törst by Birgit Tengroth
1950 To Joy Till glädje Yes Yes Theatrical 20 February
This Can't Happen Here Sånt händer inte här Yes Theatrical 23 October Written by Herbert Grevenius, based on the novel I løpet av tolv timer by Peter Valentin
While the City Sleeps Medan staden sover Theatrical 8 September Provided some input
Directed by Lars-Eric Kjellgren, based on the novel Ligister by Per Anders Fogelström
1951 Summer Interlude /
Illicit Interlude
Sommarlek Yes Yes Theatrical 1 October Based on the story "Mari" by Ingmar Bergman
Divorced Frånskild Yes Theatrical 26 December Directed by Gustaf Molander
1952 Secrets of Women /
Waiting Women
Kvinnors väntan Yes Yes Theatrical 3 November
1953 Summer with Monika Sommaren med Monika Yes Yes Theatrical 9 February Based on the novel Sommaren med Monika by Per Anders Fogelström
Sawdust and Tinsel Gycklarnas afton Yes Yes Theatrical 14 September
1954 A Lesson in Love En lektion i kärlek Yes Yes Theatrical 4 October
1955 Dreams Kvinnodröm Yes Yes Theatrical 22 August
Smiles of a Summer Night Sommarnattens leende Yes Yes Theatrical 26 December
1956 Last Pair Out Sista paret ut Yes Theatrical 12 November Directed by Alf Sjöberg
1957 The Seventh Seal Det sjunde inseglet Yes Yes Theatrical 16 February Based on the play Trämålning by Ingmar Bergman
Wild Strawberries Smultronstället Yes Yes Theatrical 26 December
1958 Brink of Life /
So Close to Life
Nära livet Yes Theatrical 31 March Written by Ulla Isaksson, based on her stories "Det vänliga, värdiga" and "Det orubbliga"
The Magician Ansiktet Yes Yes Theatrical 26 December
1960 The Virgin Spring Jungfrukällan Yes Theatrical 31 March Written by Ulla Isaksson, based on the ballad "Töres dotter i Wänge"
The Devil's Eye Djävulens öga Yes Yes Theatrical 17 October Based on the radio play Don Juan vender tilbage by Oluf Bang
1961 Through a Glass Darkly Såsom i en spegel Yes Yes Theatrical 16 October
The Pleasure Garden Lustgården Yes Theatrical 26 December Directed by Alf Kjellin
1963 Winter Light Nattvardsgästerna Yes Yes Theatrical 11 February
The Silence Tystnaden Yes Yes Theatrical 23 September
1964 All These Women För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor Yes Yes Theatrical 15 June Also known as Now About These Women
1966 Persona Persona Yes Yes Theatrical 18 October
1967 Stimulantia Stimulantia Yes Yes Theatrical 28 March Segment "Daniel"
1968 Hour of the Wolf Vargtimmen Yes Yes Theatrical 19 February
Shame Skammen Yes Yes Theatrical 29 September
1969 The Rite Riten Yes Yes Television 25 March Received a limited theatrical release outside Scandinavia[1]
The Passion of Anna En passion Yes Yes Theatrical 19 November
1970 The Lie /
The Sanctuary
Reservatet: en banalitetens tragi-komedi Yes Television 28 October Directed by Jan Molander
1971 The Touch Beröringen Yes Yes Festival 6 June
1972 Cries and Whispers Viskningar och rop Yes Yes Theatrical 21 December
1973 Scenes from a Marriage Scener ur ett äktenskap Yes Yes Television 11 April Later released in a shorter theatrical version
1975 The Magic Flute Trollflöjten Yes Yes Television 1 January Based on The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder, also released theatrically
1976 Face to Face Ansikte mot ansikte Yes Yes Theatrical 5 April Also released in a longer television version
1977 Paradise Place Paradistorg Theatrical 2 February Producer, directed by Gunnel Lindblom
The Serpent's Egg The Serpent's Egg / Ormens ägg / Das schlangenei Yes Yes Theatrical 28 October
1978 Autumn Sonata Höstsonaten Yes Yes Theatrical 8 October
1980 From the Life of the Marionettes Aus dem Leben der Marionetten Yes Yes Theatrical 8 October
1981 Sally and Freedom Sally och friheten Theatrical 28 February Producer, directed by Gunnel Lindblom
1982 Fanny and Alexander Fanny och Alexander Yes Yes Theatrical 17 December Also released in a longer television version
1984 After the Rehearsal Efter repetitionen Yes Yes Television 9 April Based on the play Efter repetitionen by Ingmar Bergman
Received theatrical release internationally
1986 The Blessed Ones De två saliga Yes Television 19 February Written by Ulla Isaksson, based on her novel
1991 The Best Intentions Den goda viljan Yes Television 25 December Directed by Bille August, also released in a shorter theatrical version
1992 Sunday's Children Söndagsbarn Yes Theatrical 28 August Directed by Daniel Bergman
1996 Private Confessions Enskilda samtal Yes Television 12 December Directed by Liv Ullmann, based on the book Enskilda samtal by Ingmar Bergman, also released in a shorter festival version[2]
1997 In the Presence of a Clown Larmar och gör sig till Yes Yes Television 1 November Based on the play Larmar och gör sig till by Ingmar Bergman
2000 Faithless Trolösa Yes Festival 13 May Directed by Liv Ullmann
2003 Saraband Saraband Yes Yes Television 1 December Received theatrical release internationally


Year English title Original title Notes
1953 Bakomfilm Gycklarnas afton Short film
1954 Bakomfilm Kvinnodröm Short film
Bakomfilm En lektion i kärlek Short film
1955 Bakomfilm Sommarnattens leende Short film
1956 Bakomfilm Det sjunde inseglet Short film
1957 Bakomfilm Smultronstället Short film
Bakomfilm Nära livet Short film
1958 Bakomfilm Ansiktet Short film
1961 Bakomfilm Såsom i en spegel Short film
Bakomfilm Nattvardsgästerna Short film
1967 Bakomfilm Vargtimmen Short film
1970 Fårö Document Fårödokument
1972 Bakomfilm Viskningar och rop Short film
1973 Bakomfilm Scener ur ett äktenskap Short film
1976 Bakomfilm Ansikte mot ansikte Short film
The Dance of the Damned Women De fördömda kvinnornas dans Short film
1977 The Making of Autumn Sonata Bakomfilm Höstsonaten
1979 Fårö Document 1979 Fårödokument 1979
My Beloved Min älskade Produced by Ingmar Bergman, directed and written by Kjell Grede
1980 Bakomfilm Aus dem Leben der Marionetten Short film
1984 Bakomfilm Efter repetitionen Short film
1984 The Making of Fanny and Alexander Dokument Fanny och Alexander
1986 Karin's Face Karins ansikte Short film
1987 Gotska sandön Gotska sandön Produced by Ingmar Bergman and Lisbet Gabrielsson, directed by Arne Carlsson

Television theatre[edit]

Year English title Original title Playwright
1957 Mr. Sleeman Is Coming Herr Sleeman kommer Hjalmar Bergman
1958 The Venetian Venetianskan Anonymous (La Venexiana)
Rabies Rabies Olle Hedberg
1960 Storm Weather Oväder August Strindberg
1963 Wood Painting Trämålning Bergman
A Dream Play Ett drömspel August Strindberg (A Dream Play)
1983 The School for Wives Hustruskolan Molière (The School for Wives)
1992 Madame de Sade Markisinnan de Sade Yukio Mishima (Madame de Sade)
1993 The Bacchae Backanterna Euripides (The Bacchae)
1995 The Last Gasp Sista skriket Bergman
2000 The Image Makers Bildmakarna Per Olov Enquist

Stage and radio theatre productions[edit]

List of plays that Ingmar Bergman directed for the stage and/or radio theatre.

  • Outward Bound (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1938)
  • The Man Who Lived His Life Over (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • Christmas/Advent (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • Autumn Rhapsody/The Romantics (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • Evening Cabaret For the Entire Family (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • Lucky Per's Journey (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • The Hangman/The Golden Chariot (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1939)
  • Swanwhite (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1940)
  • The Merchant of Venice (Norra Latin; 1940)
  • The Pelican (Kårhusscenen; 1940)
  • Return (at ?; 1940)
  • The Hour Glass/The Pot of Broth (Stortorget 3 IV; 1940)
  • Macbeth (Mäster-Olofs-gården; 1940)
  • The Black Glove (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1940)
  • In Betlehem (Mäster Olofs-gården; 1940)
  • Bluebird (Medborgarteatern - Sagoteatern; 1941)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Medborgarteatern - Sagoteatern; 1941)
  • A Ghost Sonata (Medborgarteatern; 1941)
  • The Tinder Box (Medborgarhuset; 1941)
  • The Father (Folke Walder's tour at Kårhusscenen; 1941)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Norra Latin; 1942)
  • Death of Punch (SU - Student Theatre; 1942)
  • Beppo the Clown (Medborgarhuset/Folkparkerna; 1942)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Medborgarhuset/Folkparkerna; 1942)
  • Sniggel snuggel / The Three Stupidities (Medborgarteatern - Sagoteatern; 1942)
  • The Fun Fair (Kårhusscenen; 1943)
  • Niels Ebbesen (Borgarskolan; 1943)
  • En däjlig rosa (A beautiful rose) (Folkparkerna; 1943)
  • Geography and Love (Folkparkerna; 1943)
  • Just Before Awakening (Kårhusscenen; 1943)
  • U-boat 39 (Dramatikerstudion; 1943)
  • When the Devil Makes an Offer (SU - Student Theatre; 1943)
  • The Tinder Box (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1944)
  • Macbeth (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1944)
  • When the Devil Makes an Offer (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1944)
  • The Ascheberg Widow at Wittskövle (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1944)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Boulevardteatern; 1944)
  • The Gambling Hall/Mr. Sleeman Cometh (Borgarskolan; 1944)
  • The Hotel Room (Boulevardteatern; 1944)
  • The Pelican (Malmö City Theatre, Intiman; 1945)
  • Rabies (Helsingborg City Theatre/radio theatre; 1945)
  • Jacobowsky and the Colonel (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1945)
  • Reduce Morals (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1945)
  • The Legend (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1945)
  • Kriss-Krass-Filibom: New Year's Cabaret (Helsingborg City Theatre; 1945)
  • Summer (radio theatre; 1946)
  • Caligula (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1946)
  • Rachel and the Cinema Doorman (Malmö City Theatre; 1946)
  • Requiem (Helsingborg City Theatre/radio theatre; 1946)
  • Playing with Fire (radio theatre; 1947)
  • Unto My Fear (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1947)
  • The Waves (radio theatre; 1947)
  • Magic (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1947)
  • The Dutchman (radio theatre; 1947)
  • The Day Ends Early (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1947)
  • Mother Love (at ?; 1948)
  • Thieves' Carnival (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1948)
  • Lodolezzi Sings (radio theatre; 1948)
  • Macbeth (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1948)
  • Dancing on the Pier (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1948)
  • Come Up Empty (radio theatre; 1949)
  • A Streetcar Named Desire (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1949)
  • The Restless Heart (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1949)
  • A Shadow / Medea (Intiman; 1950)
  • The Three-penny Opera (Intiman; 1950)
  • Divine Words (Gothenburg City Theatre; 1950)
  • The People of Värmland (radio theatre; 1951)
  • The Rose Tattoo (Norrköping-Linköping City Theatre; 1951)
  • Summer (radio theatre; 1951)
  • The Country Girl (Folkparkerna; 1951)
  • The City (radio theatre; 1951)
  • Light in the Schack (Dramaten; 1951)
  • The Restless Heart (radio theatre; 1952)
  • The Crown Bride (Malmö City Theatre; 1952)
  • The Day Ends Early (radio theatre; 1952)
  • Easter (radio theatre; 1952)
  • Blood Wedding (radio theatre; 1952)
  • Murder at Barjärna (Malmö City Theatre; 1952)
  • Crimes and Crimes (radio theatre; 1952)
  • The Guiltburden of the Night (radio theatre; 1952)
  • The Castle (Malmö City Theatre, Intiman; 1953)
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author (Malmö City Theatre, Intiman; 1953)
  • The Dutchman (radio theatre; 1953)
  • A Caprice (radio theatre; 1953)
  • Unto My Fear (radio theatre; 1953)
  • The Apple-Tree Table (radio theatre; 1954)
  • Twilight Games (Malmö City Theatre; 1954)
  • The Merry Widow (Malmö City Theatre; 1954)
  • Wood Painting (radio theatre; 1954)
  • The Ghost Sonata (Malmö City Theatre; 1954)
  • The Monk Strolls in the Meadow (at ?; 1955)
  • The Ball (radio theatre; 1955)
  • Wood Painting (Malmö City Theatre, Intiman; 1955)
  • The Tea House of the August Moon (Malmö City Theatre; 1955)
  • Don Juan (Malmö City Theatre; 1955)
  • Leah and Rachel (Malmö City Theatre; 1955)
  • Erik XIV (Malmö City Theatre; 1956)
  • Portrait of a Madonna (radio theatre; 1956)
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Malmö City Theatre; 1956)
  • The Tunnel (radio theatre; 1956)
  • Everyman (radio theatre; 1956)
  • Vox humana (radio theatre; 1956)
  • The Poor Bride (Malmö City Theatre; 1956)
  • Grandma and Our Lord (radio theatre; 1956)
  • The Misanthrope (Malmö City Theatre; 1957)
  • Counterfeiters (radio theatre; 1957)
  • The Prisoner (radio theatre; 1957)
  • Peer Gynt (Malmö City Theatre; 1957)
  • The People of Värmland (Malmö City Theatre; 1958)
  • He Who Nothing Owns (radio theatre; 1958)
  • Ur-Faust (Malmö City Theatre; 1958)
  • The Legend (Malmö City Theatre/radio theatre; 1958)
  • First Warning (radio theatre; 1960)
  • The Rake's Progress (Royal Swedish Opera; 1961)
  • Playing with Fire (radio theatre; 1961)
  • The Seagull (Dramaten; 1961)
  • The Legend (Dramaten; 1963)
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Dramaten; 1963)
  • Hedda Gabler (Dramaten; 1964)
  • Three Knives from Wei (Dramaten; 1964)
  • Tiny Alice (Dramaten; 1965)
  • Don Juan (Dramaten at Chinateatern; 1965)
  • School for Wives/The Criticism of the School for Wives (Dramaten; 1966)
  • The Investigation (Dramaten/radio theatre; 1966)
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author (Nationaltheatret; 1967)
  • Woyzeck (Dramaten; 1969)
  • Hedda Gabler (Royal National Theatre/Cambridge Theatre; 1970)
  • The Dream Play (Dramaten; 1970)
  • Show (Dramaten; 1971)
  • The Wild Duck (Dramaten; 1972)
  • The Misanthrope (Det Kongelige Teater/TV; 1973)
  • The Ghost Sonata (Dramaten; 1973)
  • To Damascus (Dramaten; 1974)
  • Twelfth Night, or What You Will (Dramaten; 1975)
  • A Dream Play (Residenztheater München; 1977)
  • Three Sisters (Residenztheater München; 1978)
  • Hedda Gabler (Residenztheater München; 1979)
  • Tartuffe (Residenztheater München; 1979)
  • Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy (Residenztheater München; 1980)
  • Nora/Julie/Scenes from a Marriage (Residenztheater/Marstall; 1981)
  • Dom Juan (Landestheater Salzburg/Cuvilliéstheater München; 1983)
  • A Hearsay (radio theatre; 1984)
  • The Dance of the Rainsnakes (Residenztheater München; 1984)
  • King Lear (Dramaten; 1984)
  • Miss Julie (Dramaten; 1985)
  • John Gabriel Borkman (Residenztheater München; 1985)
  • Hamlet (Dramaten; 1986)[1]
  • A Dream Play (Dramaten; 1986)
  • Long Day's Journey into Night (Dramaten; 1988)
  • A Doll's House (Dramaten; 1989)
  • Madame de Sade (Dramaten; 1989 - also TV theatre 1992)
  • A Spiritual Matter (radio theatre; 1990)
  • Peer Gynt (Dramaten; 1991)
  • The Bacchae (Royal Swedish Opera/SVT/CD; 1991)
  • Miss Julie (BAM; 1991)
  • The Time and the Room (Dramaten; 1993)
  • The Last Gasp (SFI/Dramaten; 1993)
  • The Winter's Tale (Dramaten; 1994)
  • Goldberg Variations (Dramaten; 1994)
  • Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy (Dramaten; 1995)
  • The Misanthrope (Dramaten; 1995)
  • The Bacchae (Dramaten; 1996)
  • Harald & Harald (Dramaten; 1996)
  • The Imagemakers (Dramaten; 1998)
  • Storm Weather (radio theatre; 1999)
  • Mary Stuart (Dramaten; 2000)
  • The Ghost Sonata (Dramaten; 2000)
  • John Gabriel Borkman (radio theatre; 2001)
  • Ghosts (Dramaten; 2002)
  • The Pelican / Death Island (radio theatre; 2003)
  • Rosmersholm (radio theatre; 2004)


1.^ Hamlet was also performed at BAM although unsure of dates[citation needed]


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