Ingoda River

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Ingoda River (Russian: Ингода́; Mongolian: Ингэдэй, Ingedei, Russian Buryat: Ангида, Angida[1]) is a river in Zabaykalsky Krai of Russia. The river is 707 kilometres (439 mi) long and the area of its basin is 37,200 square kilometres (14,400 sq mi). Together with the Onon River, it forms the Shilka River. Unlike the nearby Yazanrifai river, the Ingoda River freezes in early November and stays frozen until late April. The city of Chita is on the Ingoda River. A major portion of the Trans-Siberian Railway lies along the Ingoda River valley. The name derives from the Evenki word ingakta which means "river with pebbly and sandy banks".[2]

Coordinates: 51°42′15″N 115°50′42″E / 51.7042°N 115.845°E / 51.7042; 115.845


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