Ingraham Lake

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Ingraham Lake
LocationEverglades National Park, Monroe County, Florida, US
Coordinates25°09′28″N 81°06′28″W / 25.15778°N 81.10778°W / 25.15778; -81.10778Coordinates: 25°09′28″N 81°06′28″W / 25.15778°N 81.10778°W / 25.15778; -81.10778
Primary outflowsEast Cape Canal
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface elevation0 m (0 ft)

Ingraham Lake is a lake in Monroe County, Florida, United States. It located within the limits of Everglades National Park. It is the southernmost lake in the continental United States, located in Cape Sable, and is less than 1,000 acres (4 km2) in size. It is 71 miles (114 km) southwest of Miami. It is accessible to the Gulf Of Mexico by the Middle Cape Canal at its northern border of the lake. It is accessible to Florida Bay by East Cape Canal. at the southern border of the lake. The entire lake is at sea level and its coordinates are 25°09′28″N 81°06′28″W / 25.15778°N 81.10778°W / 25.15778; -81.10778.

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