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Ingram Creek, originally Arroyo de la Suerte,[1] is a 14-mile-long (23 km)[2] tributary of the San Joaquin River in Stanislaus County, in the San Joaquin Valley of California.[3]

Its headwaters are in the Diablo Range. It is a western tributary of the San Joaquin River.


Ingram Creek eroded from the following formations; the Franciscan Assemblage, Mesozoic Ultrabasic Intrusive Rocks, and Marine Sediments of Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene in age.[4] Marine sediments have been leached by groundwater, causing an elevated concentration of brine in the groundwater at depths of approximately 600 feet.

Coordinates: 37°36′52″N 121°12′24″W / 37.614375°N 121.206605°W / 37.614375; -121.206605[5]

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