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Ingrid Detter de Frankopan
Born (1936-11-24)24 November 1936
Stockholm, Sweden
Other names Ingrid Detter
Ingrid Detter de Frankopan
Ingrid Detter de Lupis Frankopan
Ingrid Detter Doimi de Lupis Frankopan Šubić
Princess Thyra Ingrid Hildegard Doimi de Lupis Frankopan Šubić Zrinski
Spouse(s) Prince Louis de Frankopan Šubić Zrinski, Count Doimi de Lupis
Children Paola Frankopan (b. 1969)
Peter Frankopan (b. 1971)
Christina Frankopan (b. 1973)
Nicholas Frankopan (b. 1975)
Lawrence Frankopan (b. 1977)
Parent(s) Nils Andreas Detter
Thyra Carin Hellberg Detter

Ingrid Detter de Lupis Frankopan (née Thyra Ingrid Hildegard Detter;[1][2] born 24 November 1936) is a Swedish-born lawyer, arbitrator, author, and academic.[3] She is Lindhagen Professor Emeritus of international law and is a practising barrister in England and Wales, as well as holding the right of audience in France, Germany, and Italy.

She is a distinguished and published expert in public and private international law, European Union law, the law of war, French law, German law, Italian law, and inter-state conflict resolution. She served as Adviser to Pope St John Paul II (1984–2005) and advised the Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove MP, on the legal aspects of Brexit.[4]

In addition to her native Swedish, Detter de Frankopan is fluent in English, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Italian, and Croatian, and has a working knowledge of Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch; she has used some of these languages professionally as counsel in courts.[3]

Early life[edit]

Ingrid Detter was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father was Nils Andreas Detter, a judge and jurist, and her mother, Thyra Caroline Hellberg Detter, a poet and author. She was educated at Lyceum, Stockholm and Mon Fertile, Switzerland, and later at the Universities of Oxford, Paris, Stockholm and Turin.


Detter de Frankopan holds several academic degrees: D.Phil (Oxon), Jur. Kand, Jur. Lic, Jur. Dr. (Stockholm), Lic. en droit (Paris) and Dipl. Diritto Europeo (Turin).[5]

After having completed a law degree at Stockholm University, Ingrid Detter was accepted to read for a doctorate at Oxford University. She completed this and achieved another doctorate in Law from Stockholm University as well as a Licence de droit at the University of Paris (what is now Paris I), as well as a Diploma in European Law at Turin University. She taught at Oxford University and became a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall and of St. Antony's College, led the course on the International Legal Order at the London School of Economics, and was then, in 1987, by the Swedish Government appointed to the Lindhagen Chair of International Law at Stockholm University. For 25 years she was Adviser on International Law to Pope John Paul II.

In 1994, the competent Swedish governmental authority, Statens Ansvarsnämnd, after a long legal battle, charged her with 'disobedience' as she refused to accept that textbooks had to be approved by a political committee (linjenämnden). In connection to her following appeal to the Swedish Labour Court ("Arbetsdomstolen") and a Case in the European Court of Human Rights ([6]) concerning a complaint about restriction of academic freedom and of freedom of expression, an agreement was reached and the matter was settled amicably. She then withdrew her Case from the European Court of Human Rights (.[7] She decided to leave her position at the end of 1995.

She is now a barrister at Lincoln's Inn in London.[5][8]

Personal life[edit]

Ingrid Detter met her future husband, Louis Doimi de Lupis (who later controversially added the name of Frankopan and title of Prince, having previously adopted the title of Count; [9] the Doimi de Lupis family were however granted nobility- in the form of knighthood only- by Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1855 and 1865[10]), when they were both studying at Oxford University (see below on the history of the family name). They married in 1968.

They have five children:

  • Paola Luisa Marica, M. A. (Cantab), DEA (Paris), married Lord Nicholas Windsor, read Classics at Cambridge University, where she was a Choral Scholar, and at Sorbonne Paris where she obtained a Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondis (MPhil) in Philosophy with a thesis on 'L'autorité de l'Etat' .[11] She has, as Paola Frankopan, written for The Tatler where she is a contributing editor and for Vogue USA[12] She has published and introduction to the history of the Sanctuary of Trsat 'Trsatska Sveta Kuća', in Croatian.
  • Peter Jarl Anthony, D. Phil. (Oxon), M. Phil. (Oxon), M. A. (Cantab), is a historian and author of 'The First Crusade'.[13] and of 'The Silk Roads'[14] He is Director of Oxford University's Centre for Byzantine Research and University Lecturer at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford University;[15] Governor of Wellington College[16] and Trustee of the World Monuments Fund.[17] Together with his wife Jessica, he founded Cambridge University's Frankopan Directorship for Gender Studies.[18]
  • Christina Ingrid Stephanie, M. A. (Cantab), read Social Science and Economics at Cambridge University and then became an investment banker.[19] She is married to Patrick Nicholson, Head of Communications for Caritas Internationalis in the Vatican Internationalis.[20]
  • Nicholas Louis Anthony, M. A. (Oxon), M. Phil. (Cantab), MBA (Columbia), read History first at Oxford and then at Cambridge University. He won two Gold Medals for Great Britain at the European Junior Rowing Championships in 1992. He later studied for an MBA at Columbia University and is now an investment banker in London.
  • Lawrence Gregory Anthony, B. A. (London) read Philosophy at King's College London and was then Visiting Scholar in History at Oxford University. He is a sports agent and is now Head of StarWing Sports Ltd.[21]


Detter de Frankopan has published 14 books and numerous articles.

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and numerous articles; notes and reviews.


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External links[edit]

  • Francois Velde. "Styles of the members of the British royal family" from the Heraldica website. First published January 2006. Retrieved 26 September 2009.
  • The family site La Casata dei Lupi, (Italian language), contains photos of Lord and Lady Nicholas, their first son Albert, and members of the Lupis family. Retrieved 26 September 2009. As of 26 September 2009, this was the only source online that had the name of the second son as Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor.
  • Doimi de Lupis genealogy (Italian language) hosted by Società Genealogica Italiana – SGI. Retrieved 26 September 2009. The page calls Lady Nicholas Windsor "S.A.R. Lady Paola Luisa Marica Doimi de Lupis de Frankopan Subich", and her sons "S.A.R. Lord Albert (Bertie) Louis Philip Edward Windsor" and "S.A.R. Lord Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor". Her husband's great-grandfather George V of the United Kingdom and his sons abandoned the use of all German titles, including the titles of Duke/ Duchess of Saxony in 1917. Her husband and her sons are direct descendants of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family and the Kings of England). The site reflects the Italian protocol and customs, according to the "Cerimoniale della Presidenza della Repubblica Italiana", stating that all the members of a sovereign and reigning families that come to visit Italy, are addressed as "Le Loro Altezze Reali", (LLAARR) (English TRH) or "Sua Altezza Reale" "SAR" (en.: HRH) etc.[citation needed]