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Ingrid and Arnold Rüütel at the Estonian Song Festival in 2009.

Ingrid Rüütel (née Ruus; born 3 November 1935)[1] is an Estonian folklorist and philologist. 2001–2006 she was the First Lady of Estonia, married to President Arnold Rüütel.

Personal life[edit]

Ingrid Rüütel was born in Tallinn as a daughter of communist politician Neeme Ruus and his wife actress Linda Karin Ruus (née Aruküll). Her father was killed by the German Army during World War II in 1942.

In 1958, Ingrid married to Arnold Rüütel. They have two daughters and 6 grandchildren.



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Preceded by
Helle Meri
First Lady of Estonia
Succeeded by
Evelin Ilves