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Inhassoro is located in Mozambique
Coordinates: 21°32′S 35°12′E / 21.533°S 35.200°E / -21.533; 35.200
Country  Mozambique
Provinces Inhambane Province
District Inhassoro District
 • Total 43,000

Inhassoro is a small fishing port in Inhassoro District of Inhambane Province in Mozambique. The town has about 43,000 inhabitants[citation needed] and is located on the Indian Ocean coast along the EN1 highway.[1]

Inhassoro, which looks out at Bazaruto and Santa Carolina or Paradise Island is a developing tourist town.[2] The population of Inhassoro is growing steadily as a result of the increase in tourism.

Several old hotels date back to colonial times. Hotel Seta is on the beach with chalets and a restaurant set beneath tall mahogany trees.[3]

The bay off Inhassaro is popular with scuba divers with the reefs and the area is a seasonal home to many species of dolphin, turtle, the rare and endangered dugong or sea cow, whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales.

Inhassoro has also become a notable venue for international fishing competitions.


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Coordinates: 21°32′S 35°12′E / 21.533°S 35.200°E / -21.533; 35.200