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Inhul, Інгул
Миколаївський БАМ.jpg
Country Ukraine
Physical characteristics
Main source Ukraine
River mouth Southern Bug
Length 300 km (190 mi)

Inhul (Ukrainian: Інгул) is a left tributary of the Southern Bug river of Ukraine. It rises north of Kropyvnytskyi, flowing South into the Southern Bug at Mykolayiv, 65 kilometers North (up river) from where the Southern Bug River empties into the Black Sea. The Ingul River is about 300 km long.

The Greek historian Herodotus mentions the river as the Pantikapes in his Histories (4.54), during his description of the land of Scythia.

Coordinates: 46°58′N 32°00′E / 46.967°N 32.000°E / 46.967; 32.000