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Native name:
Inis Caoil
Building at SE end of Inishkeel Island - - 1161356.jpg
Building at the south east end of Inishkeel
Inishkeel is located in island of Ireland
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates54°50′51″N 8°27′22″W / 54.84750°N 8.45611°W / 54.84750; -8.45611Coordinates: 54°50′51″N 8°27′22″W / 54.84750°N 8.45611°W / 54.84750; -8.45611
Area0.391 km2 (0.151 sq mi)[1]
Population0 (2011[2])

Inishkeel (Irish: Inis Caoil)[3] is a small island and a townland[1] off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland. The closest village on the mainland is Narin.


The island is located in Gweebarra Bay around 250 m from the coast. A sandy tidal bank connects, with low tide, the island with the mainland.[3]


St Conall Cael's Bell

During the 6th century A.D. a small community of monks settled on the island. Their religious leader was Saint Conall Cael, from whom the island later derived its name. During the following centuries Inishkeel was a traditional destination of pilgrimages. Remains of the church and the connected buildings as well as some carved stones can be seen on the island.[4] For its artistical and archeological importance the island was declared National Monument (code: DG064-003).[5] A bell known as St Conall Cael's Bell remained on Inishkeel up to the 19th century and was then acquired by the British Museum.[6]


A small community used to live on Inishkeel in the past, and in year 1841 23 inhabitants were registered on the island.[7] The island was later abandoned and in 2011 census had no inhabitants.[2]


Church ruins and a carved stone on the island
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