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An initial sound table is a table, list or chart which shows the initial sound letter of a word together with its picture (pictured words). The initial sound table can assist students to recognise initial sounds and to get first reading and writing skills. In 1658 John Amos Comenius created an initial sound table in Orbis Pictus (a picture book intended for children).

Alternative names: initial sound list, initial sound chart, initial sound alphabet, alphabet chart, alphabet picture chart

Writing to read[edit]

In the German-speaking countries, language experience is often based on children's writing of stories that involves invented spellings (e.g. with the help of an "initial sound table" picturing words that start with a specific sound). The Swiss teacher Jürgen Reichen (progressive education) founded this "writing to read" method 1982. The method combines two basic features of in favour of "phonics" (unduly equated with "direct instruction", stepwise teaching, etc.). According to this approach children should be encouraged to "write words as they pronounce them" with the help of an "initial sound list" of pictured words. Constructing words in this way is supposed to help them to understand the basic relationship between spoken and written language.

Johann Amos Comenius already added 1658 an initial-sound-table to his „Orbis sensualium pictus“.

Orbis pictus: Alphabet (A to M) Orbis pictus: Alphabet (N to Z)
Orbis pictus: Alphabet (A to M) Orbis pictus: Alphabet (N to Z)

Initial sound keyboard[edit]

There are software for children which has a multimedial initial sound keyboard for text input (virtual keyboard). Several hardware keyboards for kids also have initial sound pictures on its keys. With initial sound stickers and a standard computer keyboard you can create your own initial sound keyboard.app0l

Initial sound examples[edit]

There are initial sounds, medial sounds and final sounds.

 Initial sounds  Initial sounds and initial sound pictures used in initial sound tables
 A alligator, anaconda, ant, apple, axe
 B bag, ball, banana, beater, bee, bed, bike, bird, boat, bud, bun, bus, butterfly
 C camera, can, cap, carrot, cat, cloud, cob, cog, corn, cot, cup
 D daisy, dart, deer, desk, dinosaur, dog, doll, donut, door, dragon, duck
 E eagle, earth, egg, elbow, elephant
 F fan, feather, fig, fin, fish, foot, fork, fox
 G garage, gas, gears, goat, gorilla, guitar, gum
 H ham, hammer, hand, hat, helicopter, hem, hen, hip, hoe, hog, house
 I ice, igloo, Indian, island
 J jacks, jam, jeans, jeep, jet, jug, juggle, jump
 K kangaroo, keg, key, kid, king, kitchen, kite, kiwi, knight, koala
 L ladder, leg, lemon, lid, light, lion, lips, lobster, log
 M mad, map, mail, maracas, men, moose, moon, mop, mouse, mud
 N nose, net, nail, needle, nest, newspaper, nine, nose, numbers, nut
 O officer, orange, owl
 P pan, peg, pen, pig, pin, pineapple, pod, post, pup
 Q quail, quarter, queen, quilt
 R rabbit, radio, rag, rainbow, rake, rat, red, rib, rocket, rod, rose, rug
 S sailboat, saw, sod, sea, seal, seven, six, star, submarine, sun
 T tag, tambourine, tan, telephone, ten, tent, tiger, tin, tomato, top, tower, train, tub
 U unicorn, uniform,
 V vase, video, violin, volcano, valentine
 W wagon, water, web, wig, windmill
 X Xmas, xylograph, xylophone
 Y yak, yarn, yoyo, yam
 Z zebra, zebra, zero, zipper, zither
 Initial sounds   Initial sounds and initial sound pictures used in initial sound tables 
 BL black, blend, block, blond, bluff
 BR brad, bran, brig, brim, brush
 CL clap, clam, cliff, clock, clubs
 CR crab, crack, crash, crest, cross
 DR dress, drop, drill, drink, drums
 FL flab, flag, flat, floss, flush
 FR frills, frock, frog, frost, froth
 GL glad, glass, glen, gloss, glum
 GR grab, grand, grass, grill, grin
 PL plans, plant, plug, plums, plus
 PR pram, press, primps, print, prop
 SC scab, scald, scallop, scalp, scallop
 SH shell, ship, shirt, shoe, shop, shovel
 SK skip, skull, skip, skin, skill
 SL slam, slosh, slot, slug, slush
 SM smog, smash, small, smell, smug
 SN snack, snap, snag, snip, sniffs
 SP spill, spin, spell, spend, spot
 ST stop, stump, stand, stamp, stuck
 SW swift, swig, swim, swan, swamp
 TR trick, trim, trunk, tram, track
 TW twins, twig, twist, twill, twang

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