Initiation (Tommy Emmanuel album)

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Studio album by Tommy Emmanuel
Released 1995
Genre Rock, Jazz
Label Columbia
Tommy Emmanuel chronology
The Journey Continues
Terra Firma

Initiation is an album by Australian musician Tommy Emmanuel, released in 1995. All the songs, apart from "That's the Spirit", were already released on the previous albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Hunt"
  2. "Day Tripper/Lady Madonna" (Lennon–McCartney)
  3. "Initiation"
  4. "Precious Time"
  5. "Stevie's Blues"
  6. "Run a Good Race"
  7. "If Your Heart Tells You To"
  8. "That's the Spirit"
  9. "Villa Anita"
  10. "Since We Met"
  11. "White Picket Fences"
  12. "Amy"


  • Tommy Emmanuel - guitar

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