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Origin Luleå, Sweden
Genres Pop rock
Years active 2003 (2003)-2010 (2010)
Labels Indie
Associated acts Frostlit, Machinae Supremacy
Past members Erica Öberg
Malin Brudell
Tomi Tauriainen
Sami Rocklynn
Tobias Jonsson
Tomas Lindkvist

Inja is a rock band from Luleå, Sweden formed in 2003.[1]

On the November 15, 2008 the band announced that they would replace their lead vocal Erica Öberg with Malin Brudell However no new albums were released and they formed a new band in 2011 called Frostlit.[2]

In May 22, 2009 the band made all their old songs available for free streaming on LastFM[3]

In February 2010 the band announced that they were disbanding.[4]


2007 - Erased


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