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The single largest plastics processing segment is injection molding. Injection Molding Magazine was a content provider that focused on the multi-billion dollar injection molding industry, covering the topic from art to part (product design to tooling to final part).

Published by Canon Communications, IMM was read by custom and captive molders, contract manufacturers, OEMs, part designers, moldmakers, and members of the supply channel such as resin suppliers, compounders, and machinery and equipment suppliers.

Injection Molding Magazine attempted to help people in different job responsibilities work as one team in the cross-functional effort required to bring an injection molded part or product to market. The various players involved in injection molding, including OEMs, designers, moldmakers, and molders, were connected by how-to editorial content that facilitates effective part design and parts that are molded faster, with higher quality, and lower costs.

IMM presented four major editorial sections:

  • Management
  • Design
  • Tooling
  • Manufacturing

Departments and columns included:

  • Molders Economic Index
  • The Materials Analyst
  • By Design
  • Market Snapshot
  • The Troubleshooter
  • Plant Tour

The publication was free for qualified injection molding professionals in North America and in digital format around the world. Sister publications / Web sites include Modern Plastics Worldwide and

The magazine was closed in 2011.

Misc data[edit]

  • Type: Business magazine
  • Format: Print and digital magazine
  • Owner: Canon Communications LLC
  • Sr. Group Publisher: Patrick Lundy
  • Editor-in-Chief: Rob Neilley
  • Founded: 1993
  • Language: English
  • Circulation 37,550 audited circulation plus 10,859 bonus distribution for a reach of more than 48,000.

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