Injustice (Malaysian TV series)

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Directed by Kok Tzyy Haw
Starring Tiffany Leong
Chris Tong
Emily Lim
Soo Wincci
William San
Wee Kheng Ming
Alan Yun
Zen Chong
Opening theme 《断翅的蝴蝶》
sung by Meeia Foo
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 25
Running time 60 minutes (approx.)
Distributor ntv7, MediaCorp TV
Original network ntv7 (Malaysia)
Original release 23 August – 4 October 2010
Preceded by Age Of Glory 2
Followed by Unriddle
Mystique Valley

Injustice (血蝴蝶) is the 18th international co-production of MediaCorp TV and ntv7. It was aired every Monday to Thursday, at 10:00pm on Malaysian Chinese language channel ntv7.[1] This drama started airing on 23 August and ended on 4 October 2010. This will be the third Malaysian series to be screened on Channel U after The Thin Line and Addicted to Love when it debuts on 9 Nov 2012, weekdays at 6 pm.


Jian Shuman (Tiffany Leong) had a tough childhood growing up with a mentally-ill mother amid hardship and poverty after witnessing her father's tragic death from a fall which is believed to be caused by Zhao Shilin, boss of Zhao Ming Tea Company. Shuman and her friend Jingchun (Emily Lim) find work at the Zhao family's tea company in the sales department after catching the management's eye.

Shuman's childhood friend Lin Shunyuan (Zzen Zhang) is head of the packing and production department. By chance, he meets the spoiled Yutian (Chris Tong, the Zhaos' only daughter, and their relationship gets of on a disastrous start with both becoming each other's sworn enemies. After visiting her father's tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands, she begins to take life more seriously and stops treating Shunyuan like an enemy. She befriends Shuman and Jingchun and the trio become best friends. Shuman, who has been nursing a grudge against Zhao Shilin all these years, senses her chance to take revenge. To complicate things, a love triangle forms between her, Yutian and Shunyuan.

Zhao Shilin's second son Yufan (William San) is reckless and ambitious. Their relationship is strained as Shilin tended to favour Yufan's more prudent older brother Yusen (Alan Yun). Yufan met Shuman and eventually he fell in love with her. Shuman, who had mutual feelings for Shunyuan, instead agrees to marry Yufan in order to take revenge on the Zhaos.

Shuman puts her plan of revenge into action. After sabotaging the tea products, she killed her sister-in-law Rebecca by pushing her to death in an old building and did everything to hide her identity as a murderer with the help of Zhao Ming employee He Zhenghao (Wee Kheng Ming). However, Zhenghao decided to back out and blackmails Shuman. Afraid Zhenghao would talk, she sabotages his car brakes and he is killed in a car accident. Customers accuse Zhao Ming of selling poor quality products and the health inspectors are called in. The proceeding incidents were too much for Zhao Shilin and he suffers a serious stroke and becomes paralysed as a result. Even her best friend Jingchun, Zhenghao's sister, is not spared as Shuman tried to silence her but Jingchun survived the attack. After a series of incidents, Mrs Zhao, Yusen and Yutian all begin to suspect Shuman.

The turning point came when Yutian and her mother brought Zhao Shilin to the park. While Yutian went to buy ice cream for them, Shuman pushes Zhao Shilin's wheelchair into the path of an oncoming car. Mrs Zhao is killed while trying to save her husband. From then on, Yutian hated Shuman. Yufan still refused to believe that Shuman caused all the havoc. He went to ask several witnesses and was deeply shaken to find out that his mother and siblings' suspicions about Shuman were indeed true.

Moreover, Zhao Ming has been cleared by the health inspectors and business is back on track. Shunyuan and Yutian become engaged and are happily planning for their future. Unable to accept the turnaround of events, Shuman gets intense with her plans to take revenge on the Zhao family. One day, Jingchun's father, who was old friends and business partners with Zhao Shilin and Shuman's father, meets Shuman with some shocking information that sends her reeling.


Zhao Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Phua Chee Kin Zhao Shilin 赵世麟 Head of the Zhao family
Shuman and Rebecca's father-in-law
Boss of Zhao Ming Tea Company
Shirley Yu Li Peipei 李姵姵 Zhao Shilin's wife
Yusen, Yufan and Yutian's mother
Alan Yun Zhao Yusen 赵语森 Eldest child in Zhao family
Rebecca's husband
Soo Wincci Rebecca Wang Shunyi 汪舜颐 Yusen's wife
William San Zhao Yufan 赵语凡 Second child in Zhao family
Shu Man's husband
Tiffany Leong Jian Shuman 简舒曼 Yufan's wife
Jingchun, Yutian and Shunyuan's best friend
Chris Tong Zhao Yutian 赵语恬 Youngest in Zhao family
Shunyuan's fiancee

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Zen Chong Lin Shunyuan 林顺源 Yutian's fiancee
Shuman's neighbour and childhood friend
Wee Kheng Ming He Zhenghao 贺政豪 Jingchun's older brother
Employee at Zhao Ming
Emily Lim He Jingchun 贺靖淳 Zhenghao's sister
Employee at Zhao Ming
Shuman and Yutian's best friend
Wang Jun Lin Jinshui 林金水 Shunyuan's widowed father
Chen Puie Heng Jian Wanshan 简万山 Shuman's father
Lin Yiting Lü Miaoxiu 吕妙秀 Shuman's mother
Kenji He Nianfeng 贺年丰 Zhenghao and Jingchun's father


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