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Ink Pen
From left to right: Captain Victorious, Scrappy Lad, Ralston, Bixby, Fritz and Hamhock
Author(s) Phil Dunlap
Current status / schedule Reruns Daily
Launch date 7 November 2005
End date October 2012
Syndicate(s) Universal Press Syndicate
Publisher(s) Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genre(s) superheroes

Ink Pen is an American daily comic strip by Phil Dunlap which started in 2005 and is syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.

It's about an employment agency for out-of-work cartoon characters. Some of the comics characters include: Bixby, the former child star and now a dirty rat; Fritz, a dog and boss of the agency; Hamhock, a pig who is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame; Captain Victorious, a lazy super hero with too many sidekicks; Ralston, a rabbit who is just looking for a higher group of people, and Tyr, the Norse god of single combat, trying to pull his decent weight around anger management and Valhallan Attitude. There is also Dynaman, the rival of Captain Victorious; Mr. Negato, the enemy of Captain Victorious, and Scrappy Lad, the useless weak sidekick who is more interested in a girl named Moxie Gumption (a more streetwise version of Little Orphan Annie). Jenn Erica is a female filler character who tries repeatedly to get a lead character. Hela is the Norse goddess of the Underworld, with a surprisingly cheerful disposition. She claims to be related to Tyr, but their kinship is rather tenuous. Ms. Amazement gives the impression of being a parody of Wonder Woman, but her background is Celtic rather than Greek.

As of October 2012, the daily strip is in reruns, with plans to have new weekly comics running concurrently after a brief hiatus.[1]

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