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Inka is a Polish roasted grain drink. Developed in the late 1960s Inka has been produced in Skawina since 1971, a centre of coffee production since the early 20th century. Currently it is manufactured by GRANA Sp. Z O.O. While it was used in part as a coffee substitute to alleviate coffee shortages in the 1970s, Inka remains popular, in part because it is caffeine-free. It is exported to Canada and the United States as Naturalis Inka in packaging reminiscent of that used in Poland in the early 1990s.

Inka is a roasted mixture of rye, barley, chicory, and sugar beet. Cereals make up 72% of the content and in the classic version there are no artificial ingredients or other additives. Additional varieties include supplements or flavouring.[1]

The unique flavour of this drink makes it an ideal substitute for those who enjoy coffee yet want to stay away from caffeine. The drink is safe for consumption by children, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

Inka is sold in the following varieties:

  • Inka Classic
  • Inka Pro-Health - fortified with additional magnesium.
  • Inka Flavoured - three varieties: with Chocolate, Milk (contains sugar), or Caramel
  • Inka Fibre

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