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Inkishush or Inkicuc
King of Sumer
Reign fl. c. 2135 BC — c. 2129 BC
Predecessor Imta
Successor Sarlagab
Gutian language Inkishush or Inkicuc
House Gutian Dynasty of Sumer

Inkishush or Inkicuc (Gutian: Inkishush or Inkicuc; fl. c. 2135 BC — c. 2129 BC by the short chronology of the ancient near east) was the 1st Gutian ruler of the Gutian Dynasty mentioned on the "Sumerian King List" (SKL).[1][2][3] Also according to the SKL: he was the successor of Imta. Sarlagab then succeeded Inkishush.

Preceded by
King of Sumer
fl. c. 2135 BC — c. 2129 BC
Succeeded by

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